Apple iOS 7 is coming soon! Even though there has been no official update from Apple, we are very sure that the company has already been working on its next generation operating system, iOS 7.

The interesting part is that even Jony Ive will play a major role in the making of this new operating system which is said to be the best iOS that Apple has ever come up with.

[two_third]Jony Ive was given the leadership of the Human Interface teams at Apple and at the same time he was also made the head of Industrial Design. This indicates that we have a much better operating system coming our way as Apple now has a single person who will be taking care of the hardware and software user interfaces and come up with a unique blend of the two that will once again take the world by storm. We expect Apple to come up with a really interesting and unique operating system, now that the company has a really great mind working for them with full focus.[/two_third]



Perfect combination between hardware and software



more modern & more flat


[two_third_last]There have been reports that the new iOS will have a much simpler and cleaner design. According to developers who spoke to Apple employees said that Jony Ive is working on a ‘flat design’ which will be much more simple and clean. Even though there were no specific details given out, we can imagine an operating system that will make iPhones faster and better than before.[/two_third_last]

The Wall Street Journal also reported that the mobile software teams at Apple are being briefed about the new hardware prototypes at a very early stage in the design cycle.

iPhone-5 iOS

Jony Ive has been well known for his cool, sleek and unique hardware designs. This genius is now sitting in the regular review sessions held by the human interface team. Apple is a company that has always focused and emphasized on quality and design, and the company has complete dedication and will ensure that it follows what it believes in. We do not have to worry about that at all, because we know Jony Ive will take care of that.