It seems that Viber believes in better late than never saying as it has finally revamped its iOS app in the latest 4.2 update. After devoting enough time to the development of Windows Phone 8 new version, Viber shifted its focus to the Apple’s mobile operating system, and the result is refreshed flat design fully compatible with iOS 7. Users can’t only send longer video messages but also multiple photos and videos at the same time. Block list has also been introduced to block annoying people along with some bug fixes.

Although Viber was available for iOS 7 before, but first time after the release of new operating system, it has come up with a flat and clean layout that exalts the content. After installing the 4.2 version, the user would be able to send video messages up to three minutes and up to 10 photos / videos simultaneously, thus speeding up the sharing.


With this version, a typing status indicator has been added that shows if the other contact is writing a message while chatting on Android and Desktop. The most required feature “Block List” is finally here. If you receive messages or calls from an unknown person, user can enter his/her ID in the block list. The blocked contact will still be able to see your profile information, such as image and status, but you won’t receive any notification from the blocked person. The feature is valid only for one-to-one conversations, not groups. However, you will still receive calls and notifications from your blocked contacts on other devices like tablets and desktops.


Viber is continuously evolving in order to survive in the messaging war. Alongside, the company also introduced Windows 8 desktop app recently. Currently, it has 300 million registered users with 100 million monthly active users. Following Whatsapp, it also doesn’t offer advertisements but generates revenue from in-app purchases of credit packs. Viber was acquired by Japanese e-commerce giant Rakuten in February for $900 million dollars.

iOS users can download the latest version from iTunes.


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