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Kevin Spacey reportedly confirmed for new Call of Duty Game


If you’ve been waiting for the new Call of Duty game, the time is closer than it’s ever been.

The new Call of Duty game, formally known as “Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare,” has been announced by Activision today, rather than on May 4th (the previously appointed date for the game announcement). Sources said that an audio file of the game trailer resembled that of actor Kevin Spacey. Activision’s release of the new game trailer (a result of the rumors, no doubt) has now confirmed that the individual who’ll play the lead role in the game is, indeed, Kevin Spacey. The character on-screen resembles him to perfection.

As for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, the game attempts to peak into the life of a world leader whose job it is to prepare the world for democracy. Kevin Spacey’s on-screen character has a strong opinion about America’s actions in the world. The game trailer takes a close look at certain assumptions about democracy and how to achieve it worldwide that may or may not be true – and provides a solution for the problem. Kevin Spacey’s character says the following (taken from the game trailer):

“Democracy, democracy…democracy’s not what these people need. It’s not even what they want. America’s been trying to install democracies in nations for a century, and it hasn’t worked one time. These countries don’t have the most basic building blocks to support a democracy. Little things like, ‘we oughtta be tolerant of those who disagree with us,” “we oughtta be tolerant of those who worship a different god than us,” that a journalist ought to be able to disagree with the President…and you think that you can just march into these countries based on some fundamentalist religious principles, drop a few bombs, topple a dictator, and start a democracy? huh, gimme a break. People don’t want freedom; they want boundaries, rules…protection…from invaders and from themselves. People need a leader who can give them both the support and the constraints to keep chaos at bay. You give them that, and they’ll follow. And that’s where I come in.”

Activision’s Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare has a vivid on-screen graphic that will make you think it’s a real movie. And I bet that’s what Activision’s counting on. The game will be released on November 4th for Microsoft’s Xbox One, but, interestingly, there has been no confirmation of the game’s release on Sony’s PS4. If you wanna see the Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare game trailer, it’s now available from Activision.

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