Wearable gadgets aren’t just for adults anymore. Children from 4 to 7 years old can now enjoy the perks of tinkering a smartwatch—an analog-and-digital-in-one gadget—where they can earn points while playing with virtual pets, including physical activity tracking features to keep them active.

LeapFrog’s newest and trendy product dubbed LeapBand is a tamagochi-inspired smartwatch designed for kids that motivates active play and building healthy physical habits while interacting with a virtual pet, whether it’s a frog, dog, cat, monkey, unicorn, or panda, which they can customize by name and color.

Dr. Jody Sherman LeVos, director of LeapFrog’s Learning Team, said, “We understand that helping a child reach their potential not only includes making sure they are versed on the ABCs and 123s, but they are encouraged through play to establish healthy habits and get the exercise they need every day.”

The concept of LeapBand is this: the more the activity, the more points to earn. The three basic functions of LeapBand include Get up & Active, Play with your Pet and Extend the Play.

The Get up & Active function encourage kids to move (e.g., jump like a frog!), and each move will earn them points and unlock new rewards and levels, whereas the Play with your Pet feature teaches them to take care of their virtual pets by feeding, grooming, and bathing them. LeapFrog offers add-on features with the product such as syncing capabilities where the LeapBand connects to the website and mobile app and parents can track the progress.

There are up to 50 different physical activities and challenges for 4- to 7-year olds; 10 activities are already pre-loaded with additional 40 for a fun-filled playtime throughout the day.

It’s Parent Control feature to set quiet time and school mode. Kids can easily interact with the gadget since it comes with audio instructions to help them jumpstart the activities.

This water-resistant watch with a built-in accelerometer, high-resolution screen, and rechargeable battery is available in blue, green, orange, and pink.

LeapBand physical tracker activity for kids will roll out in the US on August 2014 tagged at $39.99 MSRP.

Source: LeapFrog