Vine announced the revamp of its website recently, and it’s normal for social media companies to make aesthetic changes to their websites. While announcing its transformed website, however, Vine also announced the creation of a desktop version for those who want to have the Vine experience on PC as well as mobile. “We’ve heard from the Vine community that you sometimes want to explore Vine and view videos on your computer too. Today, we’re excited to introduce a brand-new version of, which adds a bunch of new features that’ll help you find and discover Vine videos on the web,” the company wrote on its blog.

Vine has done its best to make the new PC experience similar to the mobile site, adding “Places,” “Animals,” “Trending Tags,” and “Popular Now” sections. Vine doesn’t want you to forget the new search bar that helps you find videos according to the person, tag, or location.


While these changes are always welcome, and the PC experience is a nice touch for the company, there’s more. Not only did Vine add a PC experience comparable to mobile, but the company also “did a YouTube,” allowing non-registered users to be able to view and access videos. Non-registered users will have access to the Explore page, and will be allowed to share Vine videos with others – but will still not have access to other member-restricted content. Non-registered users, or those who decline to login at the moment, will only be allowed to see public videos. Private videos shared among Vine members will remain private and mandate the usual log-in procedure.

Vine’s new website features, distinct web experience and non-registered-user access are welcome features to what has become a 22-million-user base – a gain of 7 times the user base Vine started with at its inception. Vine videos allow for six seconds of crazy video, but apparently, those six seconds of time are more precious than we ever knew.