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Apple vs Samsung: wins $120 million dollars plus iPhone 6 vs Galaxy S5 leaked images

It seems that Apple is having a ball. After scoring $120 million dollars in patent infringement case, leaked images of iPhone 6 is showing its supremacy over Samsung.

When it comes to patent and trademark battles between Apple and Samsung, there’s no doubt that millions of dollars are at stake. The California-based federal jury has finally arrived with an official verdict—Samsung, the South Korean tech company should pay Apple $119.6 million over the patent infringements, on the other hand, the latter should pay the former $158,400.

While both tech giants are obviously protecting their patents, there are selected patents listed for deliberation, showing that one way or the other, each copied some technologies, but Samsung was severely on the hot seat, and the final verdict sided Apple.

Apple proved that Samsung infringed the feature to display a pop-up menu of option (e.g. highlighting a phone number on the touchscreen to give users prompt of options), which is found in their devices like Galaxy Nexus and Samsung S3.

On the flipside, Samsung proved that Apple infringed the recording and reproducing digital image and speech or simplified as the dual digital camera, which is used is most smartphones and tablets now. The jury’s decision in this patent was that Apple has deployed in iPhone and iPod Touch devices.

Apple failed to prove to the jury that The Go-To menu option in a text option, described as a universal interface for information retrieval was infringed, while the jury’s verdict on Samsung accusation on the remote video transmission system via cellular frequency in real time said that Apple didn’t infringe it.

The company said on one of its statement, “We are fighting to defend the hard work that goes into beloved products like the iPhone, which our employees devote their lives to designing and delivering for our customers.”

On other news, aside from the epic patent battles, leaked images of the iPhone 6 compared with Samsung Galaxy S5 surfaced. The Internet is a great source of unofficial releases—form images to rumors and prototypes to mockups, and this Italian blog dubbed Macitynet.it is one of them that published an alleged prototype iPhone 6, hands-on together with the Galaxy S5 for comparison.


The images show a thinner and smaller frame of the upcoming iPhone 6 compared with the Galaxy S5 to come with 4.7-inch display screen with 6 mm thick according to rumors.

Reuters cited on earlier reports that Apple supply chain started mass production of the next gen iPhone displays this May with an expected release this autumn. Whether it’s a 4.7-inch display or a bigger 5.5-inch display as claimed by other sources to be release maybe next year, users will definitely see more of leaked images before the release date.

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