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Amazon, Google, Facebook, and LinkedIn warn FCC on Net Neutrality

Several large internet powers have stepped forward to issue a warning to the U.S. Federal Communications Commission. These firms have signed a composed letter on Wednesday that warns of the consequences if the FCC fails to protect net neutrality. Some of the names include Google, Amazon, Facebook, eBay, Reddit, LinkedIn, and others who stand for internet equality.

The letter addresses the proposal that’ll come from the FCC next week. According to reports, the FCC and Chairman Tom Wheeler’s proposal still allows prioritization on the internet. Some critics believe that these rules will still allow larger companies to have better, more dedicated service by paying ISPs for special treatment. Overall, the firms believe the rules should prevent ISPs from blocking, discrimination, and paid prioritization.

Specifically, the rules will let ISPs like Verizon and Comcast to negotiate deals with firms like Google or Amazon to have faster, more dedicated lines to deliver content.

The FCC’s proposal is expected on May 15, followed by the process of approval. Despite some suggested paid prioritization in the FCC’s potential proposal, the organization claims that their rules will follow of model of net neutrality. They believe that the rules will prevent harm to the fairness and openness of the internet, despite the letter from online firms.

Wheeler has been attempting to persuade critics that this proposal is in the best interest of the open internet. In a blog post, Wheeler said that he’ll pledge all of the FCC’s resources to prevent ISPs from degradation of service for the smaller internet firms.

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