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Motorola announces $129 Moto E


A lower-cost, entry-level smartphone, Motorola’s Moto E, will be entering the market at only $129. The company announced Tuesday morning that this will be the cost of the device without a contract, compared to the cost of no-contract devices like the iPhone 5S, which is running at $649. Even with all of the company’s news swirling around, such as Lenovo’s planned acquisition of Motorola from Google, this hasn’t stopped them from releasing some buzz-worthy devices.

Motorola expects to change the mobile industry by introducing this affordable smartphone to the masses. The current average price of smartphones on the market is around $337. Because of this, about 70% of users still own feature phones that connect to the web but don’t run mobile apps.

The Moto E’s main competitors will be budget smartphones from big names like Samsung, Nokia, and Sony.

Motorola wants to end the era of feature phones by offering smartphones that are accessible to everyone. The downside is that the Moto E’s specs fail to compare to some of the top smartphones available, but the hardware has been made to last.


The Moto E features a 4.3-inch screen with Gorilla Glass 3 and anti-smudge coating at 540 x 960 resolution and 256 ppi (pixel per inch). Colors are said to be bright and saturated, and the pixels are also said to blend well, which is excellent compared to other lower-cost phones. The touchscreen is also said to be very quick in response, comparing to the higher-class smartphones.


The Moto E runs Android 4.4.2 KitKat, which is the latest from Google. Motorola says that the device can run tasks faster than the Samsung Galaxy S4. The device will also sport a 5-megapixel rear camera. Unfortunately, there is no front camera, which is a standard for most smartphones. The water resistant body will also feature a customizable back, allowing users to change the cover design.

Though internal storage is only 4 GB, it can be expanded with the inclusion of a microSD slot.
Inside the device, a dual-core 1.2 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 200 processor and 1 GB of RAM power the Moto E. The battery is said to last about a day for most users.

U.S. customers can pre-order the Moto E on Motorola’s website. Delivery is expected in early June.

Prior to the Moto E, Motorola also rolled out the Moto G a few months back, which was also marketed as a low-cost device for $179 without a contract. Now, the device is available with 4G LTE at $219. Motorola also announced that the Moto G was the best-selling phone ever, which could lead to even more success with the Moto E.

The Moto G, with the addition of LTE, is said to add connectivity speeds that will rival the most expensive smartphones on the market. Motorola plans to remove feature dependency and states that they want to get users away from basic phones (or dumbphones, as some call them).

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