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Facebook’s founder Mark Zuckerberg turns 30


Tim McGraw performed a song on an earlier album called “My Next Thirty Years” in which he talks about eating salads, drinking more lemonade and laying off the beers, watching his weight, not staying up so late, getting married and raising a family, and so on. For the songwriter at least, his or her next thirty years would prove to be more productive than the last.

As for Mark Zuckerberg, however, the next thirty years will bring either parallel or unparalleled success for the Facebook founder who has already reached heights in the business world that go beyond his prime. In other words, his success can only go up from here.

When Zuckerberg announced Facebook seven years ago, no one expected that the small company (at the time) would blossom into the 1-billion user base it is today. Nor did anyone contemplate that Zuckerberg would make the Forbes Billionaire List in 2008, just one year after Facebook, the social networking site, was born.

The hoodie-wearing, former Harvard student, at the time, appeared as a young man who, one month shy of 21, preferred a glass of lemon-lime Sprite over a glass of pinot noir and couldn’t stop playing with his BlackBerry while in serious talks with business professionals. This same, distracted genius has gone on to grow Facebook into an $8 billion a year business (as of 2013) with a market cap of $153 billion. While turning 30, Zuckerberg remains the 22nd richest person in the entire world.

Facebook investor David Sze, whose Greylock Partner business invested in Zuckerberg’s “baby” during its early days, reflects on how Zuckerberg has proven the naysayers wrong: “What stands out to me was that, in 2007-2008, every article said this punk would never make it. They said, ‘he can’t even keep his executives from leaving, and he doesn’t know what he’s doing.’ But that was a misconception. This guy was an incredible outlier.” Zuckerberg is no longer the world’s youngest billionaire, but he has traded in his youth for older age that, with it, has brought some business sense and wisdom. He’s also gotten married and become a family man, something that may help to explain the growth of Facebook and the growth of Zuckerberg’s business acumen.

We here at Inferse want to wish Mark Zuckerberg a happy 30th birthday. I’m only three months from reaching the same age milestone, but to have achieved much in the business world at 30 is no small feat. We hope that Zuckerberg’s business acumen will continue to grow that Facebook will become even bigger than it is today in Zuckerberg’s next thirty years.

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