Samsung’s Galaxy Note 4 is one of the most hyped smartphones of 2014, along with Apple’s iPhone 6. The 5.7-inch Galaxy Note 3 is one of the best smartphones on the market right now, and, with the Note 3 coming in at around seven months old, Samsung customers and fanboys await anxiously the announcement and arrival of the Galaxy Note 4. We here at Inferse want to share with you the Galaxy Note 4 rumors out there as well as the Galaxy Note 4 release date. The Note 4 may be “the next big thing” for Samsung, but it will, no doubt, be the best thing yet.

Galaxy Note 4 Rumor Roundup

Details surrounding Samsung’s Galaxy Note 4 are rather scarce right now, considering that Samsung just released the Galaxy S5 on April 11th (one month ago). With that said, however, we’ve seen the evolution of Samsung’s Galaxy Note line over the years, and we can speculate about some industry-standard specs that Samsung will likely implement into the Note 4 to keep its best smartphone competitive with phablets from its other Android manufacturers.

Galaxy Note 4 Display

One Galaxy Note 4 rumor says that the Note 4 will come with a 5.9-inch display, a 0.2-inch increase in screen real estate from the current Note 3 display at 5.7 inches. Some say that Samsung may keep the 5.7-inch screen in the Note 4 because the company does not want to lose its premium customer base. Others remind us that the Galaxy Mega has both 5.8-inch and 6-inch screens, and Samsung may be content to keep the display at 5.7 inches in order to market its Mega series for those who want larger screens. So far, however, Samsung has pressed on with its phablet series, and it seems highly unlikely that Samsung wouldn’t increase its screen size in the Note 4 this year. There is always the possibility that Samsung may not increase the screen size in the Note 4. After all, the company did not increase its screen resolution in the Galaxy S5 from the Galaxy S4 (both devices retain the full HD, 1920 x 1080p screen resolution). In the end, the company consensus will prevail.

Could Samsung implement a three-sided display in the Note 4? The company filed a patent for a bezel-less display with capacitive buttons instead of the home button we’ve come to expect from each new Samsung flagship device. The patent Samsung filed with the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) within the last five months shows that the new design contains an S-Pen slot – revealing that the new design will be for the Galaxy Note 4. The Galaxy S5, announced last month, contains no S-Pen slot or stylus pen.

Samsung Product Strategy Team Vice President Yoon Han-Kil said that the Galaxy Note 4 will sport a “new form factor,” but didn’t go into further detail. A three-sided display would certainly be a new form factor for Samsung’s own created phablet collection, but the company could implement its Youm flexible displays in the Note 4 as well. Remember Samsung’s most recent surprise with the curved Super AMOLED display in the Gear Fit? Samsung’s Youm experiments were nice in theory, but no one expected a curved display of any sort from the company. And then, Samsung introduced its newest fitness band that surpasses any of the fitness bands currently on the market. If Samsung could use a curved Super AMOLED display in the Gear Fit, why couldn’t the company use a curved Super AMOLED display in the Note 4? We can’t say it’s probable, but we can say that a curved Super AMOLED display is a huge possibility for the most popular Android manufacturer to date.

The Note 4 display will feature Samsung’s Super AMOLED technology. We’re not surprised: Super AMOLED makes colors pop in Samsung displays, and, if something is perfect, why mess with it?

Galaxy Note 4 Screen Resolution

Another Note 4 rumor concerns the Note 4 screen resolution, which rumors have said will increase from the current 1920 x 1080 screen resolution (full HD) found in the Note 3 to a quad HD resolution in the Galaxy Note 4 – 2560 x 1440p, to be exact. This may or may not be the case, considering that Samsung did not increase the screen resolution of the Galaxy S5 this year. The Galaxy S4 contained the same full HD resolution from last year, but Samsung decided to stick with the full HD resolution. Samsung could very well stick with the same full HD resolution in the Galaxy Note 4, but the company may very well increase the Note 4’s screen resolution to maintain the pride of its Note collection. Alongside of the best battery life, Note 4 customers could also see its screen resolution and eye-popping viewing experience as another reason to brag about the Note line.

Galaxy Note 4 Camera

Will the Note 4 camera sit at 20MPs? It seems to be a desire of tech analysts and enthusiasts, but it’s highly unlikely. This is not to say that it’s impossible, but it does seem unlikely. Samsung just recently launched its Galaxy S5 Zoom model, renamed the Galaxy K, and Samsung’s professional camera phone comes with a 20.7MP camera. It’s not likely that Samsung will allow its Note 4 to compete with the Galaxy K smartphone too closely, since the company wants to retain its professional photographer exclusivity with the Galaxy K. Thus, it’s likely that Note 4 customers will see the same 16MP camera that currently sits in the Galaxy S5.

Have no fear, however: owning a Galaxy Note 3 and the new Galaxy S5, I can tell you that pictures are clear in the 16MP experience. While there’s little to distinguish between a 13MP and 16MP camera, you will notice that Samsung’s low-light experience has improved dramatically. If there’s only one reason to pick up the Galaxy Note 4, the improved low-light photography is it.

Galaxy Note 4 Build Quality

Will Samsung bring a metal build quality to the Galaxy Note 4? A number of consumers wanted to see the Galaxy S5 robed in aluminum, but were disappointed when the new Galaxy S5 was announced with the usual Samsung plastic build that has come to put the Korean manufacturer in a somewhat negative light.

We’ve seen nothing to suggest that Samsung will bring a metal build to the Galaxy Note 4, even if tech enthusiasts and consumers desire this feature for the next-generation phablet flagship. As a result, it’s better to assume the reasonable and allow Samsung to surprise us than to assume something that may be fantastic in theory but lacks existence in practice. In this scenario, we’ll affirm that you’re likely to see the same leather plastic (pleather or faux leather) back cover that you’ve seen in the Galaxy Note 3. The new form factor may involve changing the faux leather build quality of the Note 3’s back cover, but we don’t know more than this at the moment.

Last but not least, you can expect Samsung’s Galaxy Note 4 to come with IP67 water and dust resistance. Samsung used IP67 water and dust resistance tech in the Galaxy S5, and it’s likely Samsung doesn’t want to leave its most prestigious smartphone behind in the consumer feature race. An IP67 rating isn’t waterproof, as is Sony’s IP55/58 water and dust resistance rating in the Xperia Z2, but it’ll allow you to submerge the Galaxy Note 4 in 3.3 feet of water (1 meter) for 30 minutes.

Now, with all of the known features on the table, the next question is, as always: when can you buy the Galaxy Note 4?

Galaxy Note 4 Release Date

Last year, the Galaxy Note 3 was announced at IFA in Berlin, and released on October 1st for AT&T customers, with Sprint and T-Mobile following in the same week. The Verizon Galaxy Note 3 wasn’t made available until mid-October, and the Note 4 will hopefully arrive a little sooner this time. If Samsung continues its tradition from last year, the Galaxy Note 4 will be announced at IFA 2014 and released in October. Since Apple will announce the iPhone 6 around September, it’s ideal timing for the Galaxy Note 4 to arrive within a few weeks of the iPhone 6.

While there are a number of predictables when it comes to the Note 4 specs and features, there may be a surprise in store for Note 4 and Samsung Galaxy customers alike. According to Samsung’s own Design America Studio head Dennis Miloseski, “2014 is actually going to be a really big year. We are planning some products around the launch of our flagship devices.” Samsung Vice President of Product Strategy, Yoon Han-kil says that “We’re trying out a lot of new things like wearables, convergence with home devices and cars. I think there’ll be synergies here some day and it’ll eventually help us increase premium product sales longer term.” In short, wearables are now, broadly speaking, “the next big thing” for Samsung. This means that, in the same way that we saw the arrival of the Gear 2, Gear 2 Neo, and Gear Fit with the Galaxy S5 announcement, we could very well see a new wearable with the Galaxy Note 4 announcement.

What is it? In short, a Google Glass competitor that has been dubbed “Gear Glass.”

Samsung was awarded a patent by the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) in October 2013 that features a pair of glasses with side buttons, a camera (like you’d see in Google Glass), as well as a USB cable that would allow the Gear Glass device to charge in a similar manner to other mobile devices. The rumor was first leaked by Elder Murtazin via Twitter On October 7, 2013, and it was one week later that the Wall Street Journal uncovered the Gear Glass patent that was filed with the USPTO. Murtazin said that the device would launch in April or May, but it’s far more likely that Samsung will save the best of its mobile tech for the Galaxy Note 4 launch.

Some have said that Samsung would work with Google for its Gear Glass project, but that is one of the most unlikely possibilities I’ve heard in rumor form yet. Why? If you’ve paid attention to Samsung’s new Gear smartwatches, you’ll see that Samsung is only concerned at this point with Tizen OS – its own independent way of getting from under Google. We’ve got reason to believe that Samsung’s Gear Glass, if the item is named “Gear Glass,” will run off of Samsung’s Tizen OS as well. Of course, Samsung’s new Gear Glass gadget could be announced with the arrival of Samsung’s first Tizen smartphone later this year – but it seems likely that, according to Samsung executives, something new will arrive with the Galaxy Note 4. At this point, we can’t say exactly what that something new will be.