Samsung’s Galaxy Note 4 is one of the most hyped smartphones of 2014, along with Apple’s iPhone 6. The 5.7-inch Galaxy Note 3 is one of the best smartphones on the market right now, and, with the Note 3 coming in at around seven months old, Samsung customers and fanboys await anxiously the announcement and arrival of the Galaxy Note 4. We here at Inferse want to share with you the Galaxy Note 4 rumors out there as well as the Galaxy Note 4 release date. The Note 4 may be “the next big thing” for Samsung, but it will, no doubt, be the best thing yet.

Galaxy Note 4 Rumor Roundup

Details surrounding Samsung’s Galaxy Note 4 are rather scarce right now, considering that Samsung just released the Galaxy S5 on April 11th (one month ago). With that said, however, we’ve seen the evolution of Samsung’s Galaxy Note line over the years, and we can speculate about some industry-standard specs that Samsung will likely implement into the Note 4 to keep its best smartphone competitive with phablets from its other Android manufacturers.

Galaxy Note 4 Display

One Galaxy Note 4 rumor says that the Note 4 will come with a 5.9-inch display, a 0.2-inch increase in screen real estate from the current Note 3 display at 5.7 inches. Some say that Samsung may keep the 5.7-inch screen in the Note 4 because the company does not want to lose its premium customer base. Others remind us that the Galaxy Mega has both 5.8-inch and 6-inch screens, and Samsung may be content to keep the display at 5.7 inches in order to market its Mega series for those who want larger screens. So far, however, Samsung has pressed on with its phablet series, and it seems highly unlikely that Samsung wouldn’t increase its screen size in the Note 4 this year. There is always the possibility that Samsung may not increase the screen size in the Note 4. After all, the company did not increase its screen resolution in the Galaxy S5 from the Galaxy S4 (both devices retain the full HD, 1920 x 1080p screen resolution). In the end, the company consensus will prevail.

Could Samsung implement a three-sided display in the Note 4? The company filed a patent for a bezel-less display with capacitive buttons instead of the home button we’ve come to expect from each new Samsung flagship device. The patent Samsung filed with the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) within the last five months shows that the new design contains an S-Pen slot – revealing that the new design will be for the Galaxy Note 4. The Galaxy S5, announced last month, contains no S-Pen slot or stylus pen.

Samsung Product Strategy Team Vice President Yoon Han-Kil said that the Galaxy Note 4 will sport a “new form factor,” but didn’t go into further detail. A three-sided display would certainly be a new form factor for Samsung’s own created phablet collection, but the company could implement its Youm flexible displays in the Note 4 as well. Remember Samsung’s most recent surprise with the curved Super AMOLED display in the Gear Fit? Samsung’s Youm experiments were nice in theory, but no one expected a curved display of any sort from the company. And then, Samsung introduced its newest fitness band that surpasses any of the fitness bands currently on the market. If Samsung could use a curved Super AMOLED display in the Gear Fit, why couldn’t the company use a curved Super AMOLED display in the Note 4? We can’t say it’s probable, but we can say that a curved Super AMOLED display is a huge possibility for the most popular Android manufacturer to date.

The Note 4 display will feature Samsung’s Super AMOLED technology. We’re not surprised: Super AMOLED makes colors pop in Samsung displays, and, if something is perfect, why mess with it?

Galaxy Note 4 Screen Resolution

Another Note 4 rumor concerns the Note 4 screen resolution, which rumors have said will increase from the current 1920 x 1080 screen resolution (full HD) found in the Note 3 to a quad HD resolution in the Galaxy Note 4 – 2560 x 1440p, to be exact. This may or may not be the case, considering that Samsung did not increase the screen resolution of the Galaxy S5 this year. The Galaxy S4 contained the same full HD resolution from last year, but Samsung decided to stick with the full HD resolution. Samsung could very well stick with the same full HD resolution in the Galaxy Note 4, but the company may very well increase the Note 4’s screen resolution to maintain the pride of its Note collection. Alongside of the best battery life, Note 4 customers could also see its screen resolution and eye-popping viewing experience as another reason to brag about the Note line.

Galaxy Note 4 Camera

Will the Note 4 camera sit at 20MPs? It seems to be a desire of tech analysts and enthusiasts, but it’s highly unlikely. This is not to say that it’s impossible, but it does seem unlikely. Samsung just recently launched its Galaxy S5 Zoom model, renamed the Galaxy K, and Samsung’s professional camera phone comes with a 20.7MP camera. It’s not likely that Samsung will allow its Note 4 to compete with the Galaxy K smartphone too closely, since the company wants to retain its professional photographer exclusivity with the Galaxy K. Thus, it’s likely that Note 4 customers will see the same 16MP camera that currently sits in the Galaxy S5.

Have no fear, however: owning a Galaxy Note 3 and the new Galaxy S5, I can tell you that pictures are clear in the 16MP experience. While there’s little to distinguish between a 13MP and 16MP camera, you will notice that Samsung’s low-light experience has improved dramatically. If there’s only one reason to pick up the Galaxy Note 4, the improved low-light photography is it.

Galaxy Note 4 Build Quality

Will Samsung bring a metal build quality to the Galaxy Note 4? A number of consumers wanted to see the Galaxy S5 robed in aluminum, but were disappointed when the new Galaxy S5 was announced with the usual Samsung plastic build that has come to put the Korean manufacturer in a somewhat negative light.

We’ve seen nothing to suggest that Samsung will bring a metal build to the Galaxy Note 4, even if tech enthusiasts and consumers desire this feature for the next-generation phablet flagship. As a result, it’s better to assume the reasonable and allow Samsung to surprise us than to assume something that may be fantastic in theory but lacks existence in practice. In this scenario, we’ll affirm that you’re likely to see the same leather plastic (pleather or faux leather) back cover that you’ve seen in the Galaxy Note 3. The new form factor may involve changing the faux leather build quality of the Note 3’s back cover, but we don’t know more than this at the moment.

Last but not least, you can expect Samsung’s Galaxy Note 4 to come with IP67 water and dust resistance. Samsung used IP67 water and dust resistance tech in the Galaxy S5, and it’s likely Samsung doesn’t want to leave its most prestigious smartphone behind in the consumer feature race. An IP67 rating isn’t waterproof, as is Sony’s IP55/58 water and dust resistance rating in the Xperia Z2, but it’ll allow you to submerge the Galaxy Note 4 in 3.3 feet of water (1 meter) for 30 minutes.

Now, with all of the known features on the table, the next question is, as always: when can you buy the Galaxy Note 4?

Galaxy Note 4 Release Date

Last year, the Galaxy Note 3 was announced at IFA in Berlin, and released on October 1st for AT&T customers, with Sprint and T-Mobile following in the same week. The Verizon Galaxy Note 3 wasn’t made available until mid-October, and the Note 4 will hopefully arrive a little sooner this time. If Samsung continues its tradition from last year, the Galaxy Note 4 will be announced at IFA 2014 and released in October. Since Apple will announce the iPhone 6 around September, it’s ideal timing for the Galaxy Note 4 to arrive within a few weeks of the iPhone 6.

While there are a number of predictables when it comes to the Note 4 specs and features, there may be a surprise in store for Note 4 and Samsung Galaxy customers alike. According to Samsung’s own Design America Studio head Dennis Miloseski, “2014 is actually going to be a really big year. We are planning some products around the launch of our flagship devices.” Samsung Vice President of Product Strategy, Yoon Han-kil says that “We’re trying out a lot of new things like wearables, convergence with home devices and cars. I think there’ll be synergies here some day and it’ll eventually help us increase premium product sales longer term.” In short, wearables are now, broadly speaking, “the next big thing” for Samsung. This means that, in the same way that we saw the arrival of the Gear 2, Gear 2 Neo, and Gear Fit with the Galaxy S5 announcement, we could very well see a new wearable with the Galaxy Note 4 announcement.

What is it? In short, a Google Glass competitor that has been dubbed “Gear Glass.”

Samsung was awarded a patent by the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) in October 2013 that features a pair of glasses with side buttons, a camera (like you’d see in Google Glass), as well as a USB cable that would allow the Gear Glass device to charge in a similar manner to other mobile devices. The rumor was first leaked by Elder Murtazin via Twitter On October 7, 2013, and it was one week later that the Wall Street Journal uncovered the Gear Glass patent that was filed with the USPTO. Murtazin said that the device would launch in April or May, but it’s far more likely that Samsung will save the best of its mobile tech for the Galaxy Note 4 launch.

Some have said that Samsung would work with Google for its Gear Glass project, but that is one of the most unlikely possibilities I’ve heard in rumor form yet. Why? If you’ve paid attention to Samsung’s new Gear smartwatches, you’ll see that Samsung is only concerned at this point with Tizen OS – its own independent way of getting from under Google. We’ve got reason to believe that Samsung’s Gear Glass, if the item is named “Gear Glass,” will run off of Samsung’s Tizen OS as well. Of course, Samsung’s new Gear Glass gadget could be announced with the arrival of Samsung’s first Tizen smartphone later this year – but it seems likely that, according to Samsung executives, something new will arrive with the Galaxy Note 4. At this point, we can’t say exactly what that something new will be.


  1. Finally some one with exceptional writing skills who has delivered on what Samsung has been teasing us all with.The note 4’s discription that Deidre has written about is 97% accurate.How do I know this ????,well my bothering law actually works for Samsung and he is one of the engineers working on the YOUM display.Yes it is real and it will make its debut soon..The only thing that is some what of a problem for the new note 4 will be the water proof jack/clip cover which some if not most people will not like because of a glitch in making it work with the curved display.If the little bits and pieces that have been revealed to me are in fact true then we will see a more robust casing to suit the YOUM display.

    I’m sure you all remember the Samsung OMNIA which had the same sort of jack/clip without the waterproof seal,well it’s the hinge on the clip that’s giving problems,and it’s a major concern for the development of the new generation of samsungs mobile phones.Ive seen a different shape jack that does not resemble the one on the Galaxy s5,rather a double click push in jack simular to a head phone jack with O rings to maximize the pressure intake.Im not talking about a early introduction on a more water proof mobile phone that will exceed 1 meter ,but it is on the way.Last of all don’t expect a device that’s going to get any thinner or lighter than the next release,all these new found tech comes with restrictions that can not be altered.This is due to the form factor and the pressure applied if the phone going to reach depths more than 1 meter,Very similar to a water proof/water resistant watch.A complete seal on the devise.

    Any way that’s all I know at this stage and I will surely wait for the new generation mobile phone that Samsung is about to release,if all these things are in fact true then the iPhone will suffer only in design and not with it’s OS.

    • Frederick,

      Thanks so much for writing in and letting us know that.

      I know that it may be uncool to some to express their love of a certain company, but I have to admit: i’m a big fan of Samsung products. I recommend them to family and friends, and even acquaintances. I have used other devices in the past, including Motorola and Apple, but I’ve found that Samsung delivers the consistent experience that I love.

      I hope that you’ll refer our work to others who need to know where to go for reliable information. Tell your brother-in-law that we here at Inferse would love to review future tech gadgets for Samsung. Also, tell him that I just picked up the Galaxy S5 two weeks ago and couldn’t love it more than I do. Apple may stretch the size of its iPhone, but Apple’s gonna have to do a lot better to surpass Samsung’s prowess. I’m so excited about the Note 4 presentation that I can hardly wait.

      Please return again and continue to support Inferse. Thanks again. -Deidre

  2. Oh,I forgot to mention the price on the new generation mobile phones is going to be much more higher,The note 4 will be more appealing for the high end business man,but will get cheaper leading into 2015 and beyond.Samsung is already on the move to release the next version of its YOUM display with a in built wireless application that will (START YOUR ENGINE) “hint hint”.This app is already in use and may be a major part of some “CAR”manufactures,just like it was integrated into the “VIPER”.I have seen this work and it’s very impressive indeed.Last of all this will also play a very important roll in playing your favorite tunes in your car as the CD player in up coming new release cars will be no longer a option because its to expensive.PANDOORA is the next big thing that car manufactures are relying on and is a more versatile option.Samsung is planing to take a HUGE chunk of this segment,integrating the Samsung line of Smart phones to the next level of in car entertainment.The Samsung Genisis is one of the vehicles that will be prepped to Accomadate this with voice activation.This is nothing new as voice recognition has been around in cars for some time now but only in high end luxury cars.I’m not 100% certain of this but hints have been given away on its release for the Australian Auto Market.

    The X factor that will play a huge roll is the new voice recognition system with a state of the art security system all built into your car/mobile phone.No more keys or starter buttons in your car.If you do lose your phone you can still start your car by external voice activation built in the car.Apparently this will be also integrated into the smart watch/gear.the Samsung Glasses developed initially by Google are about to join forces to totally dominate other mobile phone manufacturers by doing so.Samsungs version of google glasses is going to be much better,but will have to stick to its own version until a formal agreement is finalized and then made patent by law.I’ve also been given further hints that the glasses may indeed play a roll with the home entertainment segment to and that 3D imagery will be a option on the glasses.The curved Television which LG and Samsung have recently released is a prelude to what’s to come and the YOUM display is a form factor which will play a huge part of the development in the once humble television we have at home.

    That’s all I have for now,I’m sorry I can not reveal my sources identity for obvious reasons.I have been teased with bits and pieces to so all this information that I’ve written is yet to be confirmed.I guess the coming months will only tell if it’s true or not.I to have to wait and see if all that has been hinted to me is true!!!!,so let the count down begin.

    • Of course, Frederick. I understand the legal issues behind source identity.

      At the same time, I’m glad you’ve revealed these things to us and our readers. I want to thank you so much for the info you’ve provided. It certainly helps our readership gain interest in what Samsung’s got up its sleeve next.

      I’ve got a few relatives and friends who’re waiting to buy Samsung’s Next Big Thing — or, I should say, Next Big THINGS! 🙂

      • Hi again Deidre,If you want to know who/company that does 98% of Korean based TV commercials,Check out Tony Choi is the CEO and Head producer who does incredible things with the products he receives from the multi billion dollar companies from Korea.He is based in LA.He did the recent TV commercial for Samsung Galaxy S5 for the Korean market and many other mobile phones from South Korea which were not even introduced to any other country.Mr Choi does not only do Mobile phone commercials but also does other international brands.

        He is considered one of the best Producers that have come out of South Korea and has major contacts within the South Korean Multi media companies.Mr Choi has also been associated with Hyundai,Kia,LG,BMW,so many to mention.Please do visit the web site and see some of the muti media products he has done.I say this to give you a scope on the Korean philosophy,on how they want to bring across the many brands with such inspiration.The commercials actual makes you WANT to buy the products that are out in the market.So much different to the western style of attracting the market/consumer.When you have seen some of the commercials and would like to do any sort of interview,let me know and I will contact him for you.

  3. Traded in my IPhone 5 last December. Bought the New Samsung Galaxy Note 3. In my humble opinion when Bill Gates passed away. He took the wow factor with him. Apple has not been the same.
    However I am on the Verizon network and Samsung has a great product However they have forgotten that first and foremost the Samsung Galaxy Note 3.
    Is a phone and as far as phones and call quality go. The Samsung Galaxy note 3. I am sorry to say is the worst phone I have ever owned. And I have owned cell phones since 1988 when they were only available in cars. Mine was an Alpine phone in both my 1988 Porche 944 S2 and my 1988 Nissan Maxima The call quality of a Samsung Galaxy note 3 is horrible. Especially through a blue tooth device. Verizon sent me a replacement phone. Verizon has been great because I have been complain about my call Quality since I first received my note 3. This Tuesday I got my new / refurbished Samsung Galaxy note 3 and I realized it’s the phone. I contacted Verizon joined their edge plan and I am returning this Samsung product it was horrible. Another thing I learned about Samsung phones. When I contacted Samsung regarding my phones call quality. You have to send it in Turn around time is approximately 2 weeks. And no loaner phone.
    IPhone if you have a problem. Take it to an apple store and they replace it on the spot. Also apps are made with the its system in mind and work so much more flawlessly than on is as though the just con sequentially make apps for android.
    Blue tooth ear piece operation with a note 3 you cannot command features via a blue tooth device with a note 3 IPhone SRI is always there to call, to read and write texts and compose and send emails via a blue tooth earpiece.
    Ringer volume is terrible you cannot hear the phone ring over the din of normal everyday life. No face time either. Goodbye Samsung or as they say in Korean “An Young ham she Nika” Good Bye can’t wait for my iPhone to come in the mail. When something works, You don’t fix it .

  4. If they put a curved display on a device that comes with a stylus it would be the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard of,… EVER. Second a 4K display would be much more preferred. I also don’t care what they say it what it actually bench marks at,.. Galaxy Note 3 runs identical games with more glitches & stops in the frame rates then my old old Droid Razor MAX,.. explain that? So I’m hoping for nothing less then the 805 with 4+GB RAM,… 3 in the note 3 is not enough. We finally have guts string enough to fluidly run the more beautiful home screens like 3D Next and live wall papers but oh you do your phone is using 95% of its ram to do so. Phones should stop messing around with these baby step RAM increases and through a minimum 8-16 in them and let Android run the way it’s supposed to,.. with out needing fierce task management of closing programs + task killing + 3 party task killing + Battery guru just to work right. The relentless need to continuously need to close programs and everything I listed above is just too clear up memory space which will be needed to do so again because these same programs will be loaded in the background no matter what you have your setting at,… there are the same amount of tasks to close every half hour no matter what.
    The black pleather that people hate are just silly complainers who will find something to not like,.. (Samsung made a great choice with it,… by far the first back that I ever owned that looks identical to the way it did the day I bought it on release day) plus it’s if a light material. The edges of Note 3 I would be happy to see go for that silver flakes off and this phone is rapidly looking like old news because of. (back great, sides not so much) even though I just replaced the back with Samsung’s Folio smart case. (Also love that,.. having them ready @release would be awesome and I can sell the he’ll out of them as I sell one with nearly every Note 3/S5 I sell.
    I also like the option packed Note 3 over the striped & simplified S5, if I use them regularly or not.

    Sooo,.. I would gladly pay $800-$1000 for a Note 4 that was very close to a Note 3 but with these additions

    *Water & Dust protection
    *Snapdragon 805 or better (as I . said my droid max & Asus Prime . plays games better,.. believe . it or not.
    *4GB RAM + 4 isn’t really enough)
    *Built to work best with Android 5
    *Thumb print scanner
    *FULL operational MIMO Tech
    *world phone designed to work on both GSM & CDMA as well as all CAT LTE frequencies.
    *20+MP camera, lie light quality photos of the S5, cool dual shot of the note 3. Since the hasselblad/digital back combo pushing 40MP well before it’s time I’m sure there are engineers who have figured out ways to make a huge jump on photo quality instead of these baby step increases in quality used to keep people upgrading. Kind of like Nokia did, but I dint want a clear 5MP picture,.. I want a clearer 20+MP picture. (Seems like a spinning lens blending & over lapping pixels could do the trick out some sort of design.
    *love the Sketch program built to work with the touchwiz software but would like to see photo editing tools as well like (stamp,smudge,ect.)
    *PJP dual carbon batteries @ a 3000 size.
    *4k screen @ 5.7 inches is perfect

    I could go on for ever and need to head to work…. I also apologize for the one long run-on,.. but this ess just thought put down as they came out.

    Still in love with my Note 3 but If designed right I would pay top dollar for a master piece that they COULD design,.. and so would a lot of people if you started advertising these Phablets for what they really are,.. computer replacements. Most have no need for a computer with today’s smartphones,.. and everything I need my computer for I usually VPN to from my phone.

  5. Abe Barta I’ve never laughed so hard at someone misrepresenting a product in my life. Just so your aware, Steve Jobs passed away not Bill Gates. Steve Jobs was the CEO of Apple and Bill Gates created Microsoft. I use both apple and Samsung’s products. It just comes down to personal preference. Which one is better? Well that would be the wrong question. Which ones suites your personal needs better? Would definitely be the winning question!

  6. Hello again,

    Last week I spoke about how Samsung will attract the business man with the up coming note 4,well now google has comfirmed the purchase of DIVIDE and the intention to bring the employer and employee closer together in the work place.This has been Samsungs goal for some time now and Samsung knew back in 2012 that this is the direction in which they wanted to pursuit,Multi tasking within the work place is much more favorable with the cloud application that is available to all of us and is free with most android devices and Apple to.The foam factor plays a huge part of what Samsung Note 4 is all about and will intice the business man/woman in the board room and office where meetings take place on a day to day basis .This new foam of mobile allows us to keep up to date with out reaching out for it whilst the meeting is in session,displaying vital information and updates from your personal assistant and colleagues alike.You could say it’s like a mobile billboard that flashes while it sends you messages with out the interruption. In 2013 the CEO at Samsung at a major launch pulled out the then proto type phone out of he’s jacket pocket with the curved/bent YOUM display with a hint on how it will be welcomed to most of us that go through the daily ritual in our work place.

    Google needed DIVIDE in it’s corner to secure this segment as they knew Samsung were on the verge of releasing a mobile with this in mind.We all remember once we had a gadget called a PAGER,and some still use it today,(BACK TO THE FUTURE) a black device that was the size of a match box which did the same thing with out the capabilities of the modern day mobile phone.Can you see where this is all heading???,I’ll give you another hint that’s talked about but will take a few more years until it to will become a thing of the past.Yes you guessed right the reign of the beloved lap top will be fazed out,and my source hinted to me this is already in motion with other proto types of the soon to be released note 4 being already tested which will include the now widely used PROJECTOR to be inclued in the future releases.The work place, board rooms,class rooms,lecture halls etc,will benefit and the cost of all these new devises will be a much cheaper option because of the ever increasing demand on less bulkier equipment used today.Again I must say this was a hint of what’s to come and I’ve not seen anything that can prove what I just have been told and written here,so only time will tell.

    Last of all I was told to think about MMS and how this form of communication can be improved and be more in your face,captivating in a visual 3D,360 format.Think “OBI WAN KENOBI”,hint hint think out side the box my source told me.I will keep my ears open and push to find out what else is being conjured up.Until then the hints are welcomed by me and only time will tell.Please do note,as I’m sure most would have already,My writing skills are not as articulate as the editors from this wonderful site.So please forgive me.I choose to release what I know because I like factual information and that’s exactly what they do here.

    • Frederick,

      Thanks so much for your additional words here at I see where you’re headed with this news, and it all thrills me. I have been a huge fan of the Galaxy Beam, and I have always dreamed that Samsung would place a projector into the Note experience. Perhaps there is a chance that a projector would make its way to either the Note 4 or future Note devices. If so, nothing would make me happier!

      I embrace much of where technology is headed in the future, and am always excited about the possibilities of what Samsung will bring. With that said, I am honored that you would choose to share this news with us and our readers. We always strive to be factual, and we want people to understand what Samsung is trying to do in the tech market. If you want to know what I think, I feel that Samsung has been given a bad name by many a tech analyst/ writer who doesn’t understand what innovation is. Innovation, in a broad term, is the creation of something that is technologically advanced and drives companies forward to create better products that enhance our lives. Samsung’s curved display tech will do that, as will a number of Samsung’s own apps on its Galaxy phones. I personally find Air View, Air Gesture, and Screen Write on the Note 3 to be features that I can’t live without. I don’t think these features are terrible, or occupy too much space on the device. In fact, I think Samsung has beaten Google and Apple in the area of innovation, which is the reason why a recent rumor suggests that Apple will use split-screen multitasking in iOS 8 (Samsung’s Multi-Window mode). Apple has also increased its advertising, a sign that it thinks it is lacking Samsung’s advertising muscle. As Nokia said the day Apple announced the iPhone 5C with all its color, “imitation is the highest form of flattery.” I think that Apple’s imitation of Samsung’s work shows that the company deems its opponent (Samsung) to be greater than itself. If Apple is bowing to another company for its ideas, Samsung must have struck a nerve with the company!

      I appreciate you taking the time here to give us a heads-up of the future with Samsung. I am excited about it, and will do all I can on my end to help others get excited as well. If you ask me, I think Samsung makes the finest tech devices in the world. I’m just saddened that so many in America, of all places, seem to think otherwise. Please do come again and share more information with us. We’re always delighted to hear from you. My contact information can be found if you click my name above in the article. I would love to review future Samsung devices, but please alert your brother-in-law that I just purchased the Galaxy S5. I would love to test the Note 4. Thanks again.

  7. Google to go 3D/360 in its new tablet.As previously stated Samsung are working on the 3D/360 set up to,but in a more in your face experience and I was given a hint on this was Holagraphic in nature.Google apparently knew about this two years ago and was working on this soon to be released tablet and with a new OS that is being tested out by Android.This should take another big bite of the Apple,so to speak.My sources told me its been in the works to take a major chunk of the tablet sales putting Apple well behind the eight ball in sales and shares.I was told if you have shares in Apple?,now would be a very good time to sell before they are devalued by half and possibly even more.The lack of INOVATION by apple is starting to catch up for Apple and nothing can save the mighty Android OS from taking over the majority of the apple fan fair.Android Apps are also going to shake and bake some of of it’s competitors to and will fall in line with Google to impact even further.

    I’ve been told to watch out for LENOVO in the next year to,as they are about to get jiggy with it,with proto type mobile phones being finalized and patency being lodged within three months.One thing about the Chinese is when it comes to keeping secrets!!,they sure do know how to do so.Chinese whispers are a thing of the past and to get something so important out is like trying to get the fortune ball out of the dragons mouth.The Chinese have a huge fan base already within the Asian market and with so many people the hungar pains are growing larger by each days end for a product owned and produced by its own people.Yet again we will see a shift in another direction with a OS that will get the attention of those that have been in a global fixation with the three huge power houses in the last 8 years.I have not been told what is in this new OS but was given a hint to think what already exists within the LENOVO format,and this is the next extension of the new beginning ???,your guess is as good as mine at this stage.But be assured soon as I do get any information I will let you all know.

    • Frederick,

      Thanks once again for writing in. Yeah, Google’s Project Tango has us here at Inferse pretty excited. I mean, I’ve always loved 3D tech — even though I’ve read my share of criticism against it. I would love to have a holographic smartphone that illuminates the image beyond the screen when I’m watching a movie. To sit the phone down on a table and watch the figures “ascend” from the phone into the space I’m sitting in (a projection of sorts) has always intrigued me. Google’s 3D tech is sure to be a winner with gamers, in particular — and I’m interested in where gaming could go as a result.

      Apple has already fallen, to some extent. Google leaped over Apple to become the most innovative company, and I would have to agree. I think it’s obvious in everything Google is doing right now, from driverless cars, autonomous robots, Project Loon with their balloon Internet initiative, and down to Project Tango, the modular smartphone Project Ara, and Google Fiber, Google’s got nearly every area covered in tech that will matter in the next century.

      With that said, however, I’m happy that Samsung is proceeding with Tizen. There are a number of consumers who would benefit from Tizen, and wouldn’t mind leaving Android. There are a number of Samsung owners I’ve read who delight in Samsung’s software and don’t necessarily agree with some of the hate in the industry. And, you can tell your brother-in-law this: I don’t care what the LG G3 looks like, the Galaxy S5 Prime, S5 Active, original GS5, and the Note 4 (especially the Note 4) will stand head and shoulders above it. Samsung need not worry about LG; LG will never be Samsung, trust me. Just tell Samsung to keep up the good work and keep innovating. Btw, I don’t want them to quit innovating in the area of software. Screen Write, Action Memo, and other S-Pen functions are wonderful. I hope to see more of them in the Note 4 this Fall.

      I know you can’t reveal your sources, but do you know anything about the Gear Solo smartwatch? Is there anything we should know about it that we don’t already?

  8. Deidre,

    Samsung are also going to inhance the gear solo with applications such as cloud so it does not need other devices to operate it.As you may have gathered,that’s why the sim card will be introduced,it’s another way of dominating individual sales.The hint given to me is that nano technolagy will be incorporated so more applications can be put into taking the competition apart.Its a favorable option as this will open new doors for other devices which we use at current in the Samsung family of devices.

    I know that the family home/apartments in Korea are also being brought into the equation.95% of Koreans live
    in apartments along with a huge chunk of Asian countries within the region,Samsung Construction is also going to incorporate what Samsung Electronics are developing with security software/applications that will operate 98% of appliances from one device.I think you know where I’m heading with this.Remote controlled home security/Appliances/Automotive etc,Everything Samsung,One World endless possibilities.Thats the next step they are heading towards.Im gobsmacked with how Samsung plans to dominate our lives,it’s scary to in a way because of the scale in which they are thinking.The NANO technolagy and SATILITE reliance will be more important to gather momentum and speed up the for coming services,as the now main stream systems in place are to be replaced.I guess that’s what they mean when they say Everything Samsung,One World Endless Possibilities.This will come at a price though and the Samsung built Satilite/Cities that are being planned to be built will be the first in the world to have all things Samsung running these Satilite cities.You can actually see this in motion when you visit Korea,especially in places like Gangnam,Bundung and other suburbs which run so efficiently.Ive experienced it first hand,as some of my contacts reside in some of these suburbs and are so at ease with what is happening.

    Sorry for drifting away from the initial subject,but it all makes sense when Samsungs dominance is so evident in Korea,and the rest of Asia and the world is soooooooo far behind.The obsessive nature,the thirst and hungar to be different is driving Samsung to develop new things that will be a staple part of every bodies lives in one way or another. I can go on and on about this to but will stop here for now.I shall though keep you all updated when things are about to be released.I will try to be at least two weeks or so ahead of any announcement from any other site.

    My input depends on my sources revealing any information in regards to what is relevant to Samsung Electronics and my sources also know what the competition are up to as well.I know for a fact that google,
    android and other software/platform developers are working closer together to bring forward proto type technology to reality.One could say its a give and take situation and the trust needed to bring all these things forward to us the consumer,is also being tested in the dome of brains that work together for these stand out companies.Oh I almost forgot,the Gear Solo is going to get a bit more personal in nature as the name suggests,think of a segment that has the individual in mind and the need for this is in the millions.Its the start that needs a finish every time you use it.The market already exists but is about to get a massive revamp because it’s basically the same at present across the whole range available.The SOLO will not need any other device to charge it,and down load/up load information from it.Think “TRI” and your at the finish.That’s all I have for the moment but I’m speaking to my sources in the next few days.

  9. New rumors/bits and pieces from my contacts are suggesting that Google are in fact leaning towards the gaming sector,with it’s confirmation that the 3D 360 tablet is the steping stone to a gaming platform with the same vision.The days of Playstation and Xbox are going to be tested by what Google plans to bring to the gaming table,I was told.I believe that Google/Android are prepping a series of 3D applications that will attract the gamers to a more captivating experience ,the in your face experience that we all enjoy at the cinemas and at home will be even better when you will have to sit within the 360 degree screen.Yep that’s right a screen very similar to the curved Television that LG and Samsung have recently released.I was not told how the curved TV will play into this but it sure makes me wonder where they are going with this.Could it be a new gaming console that’s integrated into a Curved TV?,Mmmm.

    If and that’s a big IF,could this be the total package that we all have been waiting for,a system that’s all in one with no need to turn multiple devises to function as one!!!!!?.I must admit it sounds great,one devise numerous platforms less clutter.I think that’s why Android are working with Google more closer to achieve this vision.Or is it a VISION?.I was led to believe its already being tested ,so it’s a proto type in it’s infancy testing stage.I guess time will tell.It is a interesting passage we are entering but this passage has been in actual work for well over ten years now within the private sector,In other words it’s a slimed down version of what’s in use already by big brother and co being made for us the average john and mary.Thats what I’ve been told word for word.

    That’s all I’ve got for now,till more information from my sources are revealed.


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