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LG G3 fully detailed ahead of May 27 launch


It seems that LG fails to keep the curtains low ahead of its latest flagship phone launch. Numerous image leaks and official video reveals a lot about the phone. Regardless of what LG announces, we know that the LG G3 is designed to go head-to-head with Samsung’s Galaxy Note 4, the Korean flagship that will emerge this October. While Samsung unveiled its consumer-popular Galaxy S5 just last month, LG has dedicated its smartphone efforts to compete against Samsung’s Note series – rather than compete with the popular Galaxy S line.

LG G3 display and screen resolution

The LG G3 will sport a QHD display using IPS LCD (liquid crystal display) technology. While the LG G2 sported a 5.2-inch display when it was announced in August 2013, and its newest feature (apart from the KnockON display feature) was the placement of its volume buttons on the back of the device instead of the front. LG stuck with the LCD display in the G2, and LCD will remain again with the LG G3.

As for the display, LG looks to improve upon last year’s offering with a screen resolution increase from 1920 x 1080 to 2560 x 1440. The LG G2 was the first smartphone to sport Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 800 processor, and LG will achieve yet another first this month: the LG G3 will be the first smartphone in the world to sport a 2560 x 1440 screen resolution. Samsung won’t unveil its Galaxy Note 4 smartphone until September, but even if it does, LG will still be the first to bring the eye-popping screen resolution to market. LG has said time and time again that its IPS LCD technology produces more accurate color reproduction than Samsung’s Super AMOLED display, but recent photos of the LG G2 when compared to the Galaxy S5 show that LG’s flagship is way behind Samsung in terms of zoom image and camera quality – despite the fact that the LG G2 offered optical image stabilization (OIS) while Samsung’s Galaxy S4 and Note 3 lacked OIS.

The LG G2 may not have the camera quality of the Galaxy S4 or Galaxy Note 3, but LG will have one up on Samsung with its 2560 x 1440 screen resolution. For the spec-hungry tech enthusiast, LG’s G3 will attract some level of interest.

Back buttons remain in the LG G3

LG’s back buttons in the LG G2 have been a source of contention with LG customers since LG announced the new feature nine months ago, with many LG customers questioning LG’s decision to place them on the back cover of the phone instead of the front. One obvious advantage to back cover buttons is that LG could make the most of its front display and create something close to a bezel-less experience.

In the LG G3, however, LG looks to retain its back buttons despite customer disapproval. As the company stated in the LG G2 product announcement, the placement of customer fingers on the back of the phone justifies LG’s placing the buttons on the back of the phone. For LG, customers are more comfortable with finger positioning on the back of their smartphones, so button placement is more about comfort than anything else. How comfortable the back buttons are, however, is a matter of preference.

New photos reveal that another sensor will be found on the back of the LG G3. It is an infrared (or IR) blaster, similar to that of the HTC One M8 and the Galaxy S5. Could LG have a TV app in the wings, to turn the LG G3 into a TV remote, or could the company use the IR sensor for improving its low-light photography? Comparing the LG G2 and Galaxy S5 photos, the LG G2 camera could use all the help in low-light photography it can get.

LG G3 camera retains 13MP count

Did you enjoy the 13MP camera in the LG G2, with optical image stabilization? If so, get ready: the LG G3 will retain the 13MP camera.

What is LG’s justification for leaving its camera at 13MPs? I’ve no idea. You’d think that LG Electronics would go the distance and aim to be the top smartphone of the year. I’m sure that the 13MP camera will please some users, but it won’t compete against the 20.7MP Sony Xperia Z2 or the Samsung Galaxy S5/Note 4 cameras. The least LG could’ve done was released a 16MP or even 20MP camera this year.

Camera quality is important to a number of consumers who view their smartphone purchases each year (or two) as a financial investment. I think that 8MP cameras should be the minimum standard for a quality smartphone so LG’s 13MP camera will do just fine. At the end of the day, however, I wish that LG would’ve increased the camera to a 16MP or higher. I think that the camera quality matters far more than the 2560 x 1440 screen resolution – even if it’s gorgeous to behold.

Going where others have gone before: LG G3 to boast a fingerprint scanner

The Motorola Atrix HD was the first smartphone to boast a fingerprint scanner, but HTC revived the technology in its 2013 HTC One (M7) by placing a fingerprint scanner on the back of the smartphone. Samsung has implemented fingerprint-scanning tech into the Galaxy S5, and LG will now join the bandwagon with a fingerprint scanner in the LG G3.

Will the scanner be on the front or the back of the phone? We do not know. What we know at this point, however, is that, if the bezel-less rumors pan out to be true, it’s likely that LG will follow HTC in placing a fingerprint scanner on the back of the phone. Samsung followed Apple in placing its fingerprint scanner at the home button, and this is more intuitive for smartphone users. Still, LG could take a path that Apple deliberated when debating the location of its Touch ID on the iPhone 5s: whether or not to place the fingerprint scanner on the screen instead of embedding it in a physical touch button.


LG to use Faux metal design

If Samsung tires of its plastic design, it can always take a cue or two from LG. The company intends to go with a faux metal design in the LG G3, providing a “brushed aluminum” look rather than use an actual brushed aluminum metal build quality. There will be an aluminum power button on the back cover and an aluminum ring on the side of the LG G3, but the remainder of the G3 will be plastic and nothing more.

LG’s reasoning behind the plastic design: it’s easier to mass-produce. It turns out, then, that Samsung and LG’s latest flagships won’t differ that much. Faux metal may look gorgeous, as does faux leather for some – but it’s still not the brushed aluminum metal design of the HTC One M8.

LG G3 to come in three colors: black, white, and gold

It seems to be standard, but black and white colors for smartphone releases are not surprising. It seems, however, that LG is following Apple in its new color releases. The LG G3 will come in White Silver but will also feature two additional color options: Titan Gray and Amber Gold. The White Silver color indicates that the LG G3 will come with a brushed aluminum look that will be painted with a white color on top. Amber Gold looks to be another brushed aluminum color as LG will paint over the gold to create a more “amber” look than “gold” itself.

LG G3 announcement and release date

The LG G3 will be announced on May 27th and will be released by the end of June, LG promised last month. You can expect the LG G3 to be available on all five major carriers (AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile, US Cellular), though only AT&T and Sprint have confirmed LG G3 releases on their respective networks at this time.

Are you waiting for the LG G3? Which color do you plan to purchase? If the rumors stack up, which feature do you like or love the most? Feel free to sound off in the comments.

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