Believe it or not, many people weren’t able to download the Flappy Bird app even before it was removed from the app store. Everyone was surprised at what its creator Dong Nguyen did. Why would he do that if he’s earning around $50,000 each day? Who’d be crazy enough to let go of such fame?

The Vietnamese developer, however, did grant Rolling Stone an interview, only to say he didn’t want any publicity. But how did the game start? Dong Nguyen developed a video game last April 2013 with the objective that a bird flying and flapping its wings should go through the pipes as barriers by tapping on the screen.

The app was online for only 28 days. It went viral so quickly despite its simplicity. It first came out on the App Store on February 2014 and then on Google Play Store soon after.

Quickly, the Flappy Bird became number one in 100 countries. It’s been downloaded 50 million times. Nguyen remained mysterious by avoiding the press. We didn’t even know how he looks.

Suddenly, Nguyen was given a few nicknames. People said he was a con man, a thief, and a fraud because the game was all too familiar with a Nintendo game. According to some, his game was a ripped art that got him earning $50K every day.

A lot of people were addicted to the game and Dong Nguyen felt he contributed to the obsessive behavior of flappy bird players. He made his decision to take out the app with a tweet, “I am sorry ‘Flappy Bird’ users, 22 hours from now, I will take ‘Flappy Bird’ down as I cannot take this anymore.”

And just like that, Flappy Bird was gone. Those who have downloaded the game could still play the game, but no updates were released.

To make a long story short, months after its exit, the game will come back but with a different name. It’s described as less addictive than before and with multiplayer capabilities. So what was Dong Nguyen real reason again? If he didn’t want fame and thought that Flappy Bird had become addictive, why would he bring back a new game that’s even more addictive?

We don’t know the real story, but I’m just glad it’s back. Who’s excited for the new Flappy Bird?