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PS4 outsells Xbox One in April for fourth consecutive month


Microsoft recently decided to release a kinectless Xbox One this week for $399, the same price as the Sony PS4. It turns out that Microsoft may have made another wise decision to appease its customer base.

Tech trend analyst firm NPD has put together some game console stats for the month of April 2014. When looking at brick-and-mortar retail store sales, Sony’s PS4 dominated the game console landscape for the fourth consecutive month, says NPD. Microsoft says that it has “the fastest-selling game console,” selling 110,000 Xbox One units last month, but Sony claims that it has the highest-selling game console with over 7 million units purchased by gamers last month. Microsoft has been quick to quote that it’s shipped over 5 million units, but, as in mobile, units shipped doesn’t equate to units purchased. Still, the fact that only retail store purchases are counted does nothing to erase what could be a neck-in-neck competition for gamers’ hearts and wallets.

It seems as if Sony’s E3 presentation still lingers in the minds of many individuals. Consumers chose the more inexpensive device then, and they are still doing so now.

Microsoft’s Xbox One took second place for April 2014 sales, and both the PS4 and Xbox One combined for a total of $192.8 million, up from $109.5 million a year ago. Hardware sales increased by 76 percent, leading many analysts to conclude that gamers want the latest and greatest from both Sony and Microsoft. Gamers also spent $580.3 million combined on games, hardware, and accessories, an increase from the $495.3 million gamers spent on the same last year. While gamers spent 10% less on physical games over the last year, sales have increased due to accessories and hardware, said NPD analyst Liam Callahan.


As for the games themselves, Microsoft’s exclusive Titanfall won the show – reigning as the top purchased game for Xbox 360, Xbox One, and PC. Call of Duty and NBA 2K14 came in second and third, respectively, and both of these titles are available on the PS4 and Xbox One.

The dichotomy between the top-selling console and the top-selling game shows that, while Microsoft’s Xbox One may not be winning the price race, it is winning in terms of game graphics and experience. In other words, gamers are torn in their loyalty toward the PS4 and Xbox One: on one hand, they respect Sony for PS4 affordability, but, if they were to choose based on the game experience, the Xbox One wins – hands-down.

And this leaves us clueless as to where to place the kinectless Xbox One. What is considered to be an immersive experience for the Xbox One could possibly be affected by Microsoft’s decision to ship Xbox Ones without Microsoft’s new Kinect motion accessory. Only time will tell whether or not Microsoft’s “Xbone” can make a comeback in retail stores.

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