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Google closing in on deal with Twitch


Twitch.tv, the video game streaming service that has been made famous for their live streams and community gaming events, such as the memorable “Twitch Plays Pokemon”, might be close to becoming a part of the YouTube family. Once the final details have been ironed out, it is reported that YouTube’s purchase of Twitch will be complete.

According to the reports that surfaced last weekend, YouTube is planning to purchase Twitch for more than $1 billion. Neither have commented on the potential deal. However, other reports say that the deal is still in extremely early stages, and a price has yet to be set. Either way, this is major news that could lead to a very beneficial partnership.

Since YouTube is the world’s largest video-sharing service, it seems that the giant is looking to secure a footing in the gameplay video market. This would also be one step closer to YouTube’s plan to include alternatives to broadcast television, which, in turn, would bring in more advertisers.

And Twitch has so much potential to create a huge ad revenue, according to analysts. Twitch already hosts more than 45 million gamers each month, which includes the specific demographic of young men with technical skills. For YouTube, this would be a great source of income, because that specific demographic which is found on Twitch can be easily paired with targeting advertisers.

While YouTube has an established gaming community, with a slew of pre-recorded content and channels, Twitch could add more to the mix, with their live-streaming services, opening the door for greater possibilities.

Of course, YouTube won’t be the only one benefitting from this deal. Twitch will also be able to dip into the vast amount of resources offered by the video-hosting leader, including any tools to add to their streaming arsenal. They could even take advantage of Google services, such as Chromecast. There could also be a newfound interest in mobile gaming streaming, especially for Android.

Branching from Justin.tv, another live-streaming service, Twitch got its start in 2011 and has grown into a huge social community, complete with channels that can be favorited, chat menus that coincide with live streams, and direct messaging. Through their services, they’ve established their own little section of the video game market.

YouTube began in 2005 and quickly blew up, thanks to its focus on user-generated content and the birth of many, many viral videos. Now, YouTube can be accessed from pretty much any device that you own.

While, Google, the owner of YouTube, doesn’t release financial reports for the website, YouTube still ranks as the top video content property, according to reports.

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