In the first Creator Preview video, YouTube revealed that a new mobile management app will allow people to, well, manage their videos on the go, helping the hardcore users to get the most out of their experience. The app, as well as other new creator features, are being developed as a response to the user base that operate their own channels on a larger scale. Google wants to provide the right tools for the trade, eliminating any frustrations with this particular crowd and connecting with the users.

The app will be available within the next few months, providing users with management controls for channels, which were previously missing or challenging to use.

Google acknowledges that users’ management has been harder to do from a smartphone and wants to address that issue. The app will create a closer connection between Google and the users, allowing Google to continue growing YouTube with content from dedicated channels.

A new initiative to fill that gap, Creator Preview, is a series of videos that will guide creators through features that are catered to them. The first video in the series reveals that the mobile app is being built. A new feature will also provide ways for fans to directly contribute funds to those they follow and support. It is assumed that Google Wallet will be integrated into the new software in some way.

Although none of the actual features are showcased in the first video, the preview does provide a lot of feedback from engineers on the additions.

The initiative to provide a closer connection with users comes from the feedback collected by users’ comments on YouTube, Google+, and Twitter. With this feedback, Google began to research different business models that would benefit content creators in more helpful and unique ways.

YouTube also wants to push for a more accessible global community, since about 80 percent of users come from outside the US. They plan to release a crowdsourced captioning feature, which will allow users to add captions and subtitles in over 60 languages.

The company plans to release the Creator Preview videos on a regular basis, but an exact timeframe wasn’t revealed at the moment.