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Apple announces OS X Yosemite – revamped design, iCloud Drive and Continuity


Today, Apple has announced the next version of its desktop operating system OS X, called the OS X Yosemite. OS X Yosemite comes with a flat, minimalist and semitransparent design. App windows now adjust their color temperature based on the background similar to the iOS, a new “Dark Mode” that dims the entire screen for better focus while working. OS X Yosemite integrates in moreways than ever with its new abilities to interact with the iOS devices.

Apple has redesigned the universal search tool, Spotlight which becomes even more powerful than it is today with a dedicated window to preview documents, preview maps, appointments, reminders and much more. Importantly, Spotlight can also stream content directly from iTunes.

OS X Yosemite brings one of the biggest changes to Apple’s new iCloud Drive services, which is no longer limited to the type of files in use. Now users can browse their files stored in iCloud and organize them into folder or tag them like other files across Mac and even Windows. Mail comes with a new feature MailDrop that allows users to send large attachments which are automatically handled by the iCloud and recipient will get a link to download from the cloud.



Apple has revamped its web browser Safari with cleaner, flatter and compact design. Federighi claims Safari is the fastest browser when it comes to JavaScript. Sharing has also become easier than earlier, now you can share pages with recent recipient directly from share menu. Users need not to manage their favorites as OS X Yosemite manages and predicts them independently.

However, Continuity is the biggest news, an integrated system to make a quick transition between iOS and OS X. AirDrop, a native mobile app for sharing content between iOS devices, now works between iOS and Mac. Continuity allows you to manage calls, SMSs, WiFi hotspot on the bigger screen with an ease.

OS X Yosemite will be available for developers starting from today and will be offered as a public beta this summer. Apple has promised to ship the Yosemite to its consumers in the fall. As with last year’s OS X release, Yosemite will be free to the existing users.

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