Instagram is getting 10 new editing tools for your iOS and Android versions, called “Creative Tools.” Instagram 6.0 brings more advanced options for editing, correction and customization abilities.

Now, users will be able to adjust brightness, contrast, temperature, saturation, shadows, sharpness and vignetting which have been lacking since the launch of the photo editing and sharing app. Everything is being integrated with simple controls, and users don’t need to go through long and complex menus to apply filters.


Instagram CEO Kevin Systrom reportedly said

“People come to Instagram today to post their photos but haven’t come back to edit their photos”

Secondly, it will also let users to choose the intensity of the filter that the user wants to apply, so that they can adjust the filter strength according to their preferences. Finally, existing tools have also been improved including photo and video upload.

The introduction of complex editing tools would align Instagram with similar applications that have gained popularity in recent times such as VSCO Cam, which offers long-listed editing features with more details. While this is a welcome news for all those who like to have more control over image parameters. The new features of Instagram may turn up their nose to instagrammer even harder, which have been loved for its minimalistic and immediacy since the beginning.

Instagram 6.0 for Android is available on the Play Store, and Instagram 6.0 for iOS is available on the App Store. However, there is no information for Windows Phone yet.