It’s become a common thing that, when a company says something about “the next big thing,” consumers assume a smartphone automatically. Despite Samsung’s “next big thing” statements that refer clearly to its high-end smartphones, Sony’s new announcement provides a bit of ambiguity – which is always excellent advertisement for consumers.

Sony Xperia posted a next big thing announcement on its Twitter wall yesterday, with the words “Shh…do you want to know a secret? Stay tuned for the next big thing this season,” with a smartphone in the background. The smartphone looks rather tall in its appearance, although we must remember that we’re looking at the size bezel rather than the entire display. Could Sony’s announcement signal an Xperia Z2 Ultra on the way? After all, if the Z2 Ultra is imminent, then the “next big thing” announcement couldn’t be more accurate.


At the same time, the announcement is also confusing. According to Sony leaker DooMLoRD, however, the announcement is anything but the Z2 Ultra. On his Twitter wall yesterday, DooMLoRD wrote, “No Z Ultra successor,” which seems to indicate that there is no Z2 Ultra in the works for Sony’s smartphone lineup.


DooMLoRD may seem like a single opinion in the tech leak world, but he’s not alone: other isolated individuals have provided leaks to information that turned out to be true. Elder Murtazin will forever be credited with leaking information about the end of the Nexus line in 2015. True to his statement, the Android Silver program will take place next year – and LG is set to release the first Android Silver smartphone. Isolated rumors can be true and accurate, so we can’t base any evaluation on the number(s) of affirmations for any rumor. With that said, the excitement building around a new smartphone could refer to the Xperia Z3. After all, Sony updates its smartphone line every 6 months – and the Xperia Z2 was announced at Mobile World Congress on February 24 and released the following March to Taiwan. Six months from March is September, and Sony could likely be gearing up to release an Xperia Z2 successor.


If the Sony Xperia Z3 will release this Fall, then it could explain why we’ve been seeing all the Verizon-branded Sony devices across the Web. Sony Mobile published a photo on its Google+ page early last month that showed a waterproof device (similar to the Xperia Z) with the Verizon name and logo at the top. Only the front of the display was shown, and many concluded that Sony would release a Verizon smartphone. The post was later taken down and labeled a “mock-up” by Sony on its Google+ page. Still, we didn’t believe it was a mockup – and Sony later published a photo bearing the same 4G LTE label on its back cover that’s clearly the equivalent of Verizon device branding.


As for DooMLoRD, he seems to think that a new 7-to-8-inch Xperia tablet will replace the 6.4-inch Z Ultra. That would make sense as anything over 6.4 inches would crouch upon the mini tablet category.


For now, though, Sony’s ambiguous announcement will haunt us. If it’s a Z2 Ultra, consumers will start to see “the next big thing” claim in an entirely different light than before.