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Amazon to unveil first 3D smartphone on June 18


If you thought HTC’s Evo 3D smartphone and Apple’s iOS 7 parallax motion were pretty cool, the 3D space is about to gain some serious competition.

For the last year, we’ve been hearing bits and pieces here and there about Amazon’s supposed 3D smartphone that it’s been working on. After Wall Street Journal reports, videos, and photos, the company’s ready to emerge with its 3D smartphone to take on top smartphone giants Apple and Samsung in the 2014 race for consumer dollars.

Amazon sent out invitations to the big event this week, taking place in Seattle, Washington state on Wednesday, June 18. The invitations come with a 51-second video where consumers are heard saying, “it moved with me,” as well as “neat” and “pretty cool” in the video. In one case, a customer asked the question, “Do I have to give it back?” Other customers in the video were seen moving their heads around – presumably, the smartphone seemed to have a motion effect on-screen, which would explain why customers are moving their heads in the video.

Could it be something else? The chances of the new announcement being something else are slim. It couldn’t be a tablet, either; Amazon’s done rather well in the tablet space, so the company likely wouldn’t waste its time releasing a new tablet at the moment. It seems to be Amazon’s new smartphone, the first from the company that’s become famous for selling budget-friendly books and other accessories. In fact, the smartphone is the only mobile gadget that Amazon’s never released in the history of the company led by CEO Jeff Bezos.

As for what we can expect, the Amazon 3D smartphone will feature a 4.7-inch display with HD resolution and produce a 720p-video viewing experience. The 3D smartphone will be powered with a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor with 2GB of RAM (we aren’t told which one) and feature a front-facing “selfie” camera as well as a standard 13MP camera on the back. As you can see, the 3D smartphone will feature 6 cameras to produce an experience that you may find refreshing. Sources say that Amazon’s taken its 3D cues from the iOS parallax experience, with the exception being that the 3D motion for the Amazon smartphone will be “greatly exaggerated.”

The Amazon 3D smartphone is said to pull of an iOS 7 parallax motion-like effect through the use of four cameras that are said to be placed inside the device. At the same time, however, critics say that 3D smartphones are “a thing of the past.” Quite a few 3D smartphones prior the release of Amazon’s in a few days weren’t very successful at all. Despite having its share of critics, however, Amazon may have something very powerful to wield in the market. Its smartphone competitors (Apple, Samsung, HTC, Sony, etc.) are trying to increase camera megapixel count or create a brushed aluminum/glass smartphone that will give users a premium feel in their hands. Amazon’s 3D smartphone would appeal to 3D lovers who rejoice each time they see a new movie coming out that’s “in 3D.” The 3D crowd will certainly enjoy the Amazon experience; they may even settle for a 13MP camera over Samsung’s GS5 or Note 4 – just to enjoy the 3D motion experience.

While we’ll have to wait and see what June 18 brings, we’d like to see why the new Amazon 3D smartphone makes people turn their heads so much. If the Amazon 3D smartphone is as marvelous as it looks, it might move people to buy the phone that “moves with you.”

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