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Facebook redesigns Pages, unites social media experience and eyes


Facebook’s Pages now have 30 million active users. With the great growth the company has experienced, population brings transformation.

And that’s what Facebook has done with its Pages section to the 1-billion-user social media site.

Facebook made its Pages announcement yesterday: “In March, we announced that the Pages would be getting a streamlined look to make it easier for people to find the information they want, and give Page admins easy access to the tools they use most…starting later this week, all existing Pages – including the 30 million active small business Pages – will have access to the refreshed design, as well as more control over the functionality of their Pages.”

Facebook’s redesign of Pages matches the company’s News Feed for users who log into Facebook each day. The News Feed is usually the first thing you meet at the site login, and it features a daily string of status updates. The old Facebook Pages section had multiple columns, which many business professionals found confusing. The transformation of Facebook unites the Facebook experience – but it also unites user’s eyes. Facebook users’ eyes won’t need to work as hard to ascertain a wealth of data simultaneously. And this is good news for professionals who, after a hard day’s work, want to have an enjoyable (yet simple) web browsing experience.

Change is always welcome, and it’s headed your way sooner rather than later.

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