Are you a Sony Xperia Z, ZL, or ZR owner? If so, don’t upgrade to Android 4.4.2 KitKat; the reason? Battery problems await you.

A number of Xperia Z users have taken to Sony Mobile’s talk forum to express their disappointment over the new Android 4.4 KitKat update. According to one user, “it [battery life] went from being fully charged to 60% in 3 hours, with no usage whatsoever and in network mode only (no 3g or Wi-Fi).” Another user had the same problem, but a suggested workaround by a Sony owner pertains to installing an app called “Battery Life Repair” from the Google Play Store.

Sony responded to the battery drain by saying that the problem is the Android 4.4.2 KitKat update itself: “We have investigated the issue with Google Play Services using a lot of battery, and we have identified that the root cause of this is related to the latest version of Google Play Services (4.4.52). Until a new version of Google Play Services is provided by Google we urge users to either uninstall the latest update of Google Play Services (might limit use of Google services like YouTube)…”

As another option, Sony recommends disabling interest-based ads and disabling data backup so that your update doesn’t occur automatically the next time. It seems that Sony may not be so hopeful that an incremental update in Android 4.5 will fix the problem, either.

Problems in Android 4.4.2 KitKat abound, with many Nexus 5 users having a mm-qcamera-daemon bug that drains battery life. Nexus 5 users also faced issues with video quality and media storage, so Google’s intention to fix the camera bug with the Android 4.4.2 KitKat update removed one problem, only to replace it with other problems. Galaxy S5 users have been battling a fatal camera flaw in Android 4.4.2 KitKat, and, for those whose GS5s survive the flaw, they must face a camera bug that activates with prolonged camera use. As for the long-awaited Android 4.4.3 KitKat update, it came this week – without a fix for the Nexus 5 camera bug.

Android 4.4.2 KitKat, in short, has been loaded with problems. In fact, Android 4.4.3 KitKat has been designed to tackle problems with missed notifications, dropped calls, as well as Bluetooth and Wi-Fi problems. If you haven’t taken notice until now, please – don’t update to Android 4.4.2 KitKat until 4.4.3 KitKat is pushed out to your Sony device. It seems that, at this point, problems are a hit-and-miss with some phones: some phones dodge the issues while others get them. There is no “hide-and-go-seek game here,” so there’s no way to know whether or not you’ll be an unfortunate user who gets an update that drains your Sony Xperia Z battery. This may not help those of you who have already updated your device, but please pass this on to users who haven’t yet updated.


  1. My shitty phone keeps crashing now!!
    As for overheating battery issues, its no new thing to that shitty Sony phone!

  2. Why do I keep buying Sony? Samsung next time. I’ve been a loyal customer and had every phone offered in Canada for the last 9 years, each one has gotten worse. And as for customer service……. I still have 6 emails saying they’ll respond to my issue in 24 hours dating back to 2011, to date no one has EVER responded.

  3. Install the lates update 10.5.A.0.233 kitkal update for z,zl,zr which is just certified by PTCRB as of june 5, 2014. it all fixes the problems in the coming days.

  4. After upgrade my Sony xperia z to android 4.4.2 kit kat, battery drain very fast and more heatty than before, drained more than 50% in 8 hours without open any application or heavy usage. I’m really regret for upgrading it. Please help to solve this problem.

  5. Android is destroying itself. Totally failed improvement. Shows that Android cannot be self regulated. Waiting for Iphone 6.

  6. My xperia z battery drain very fast after upgrade to android 4.4.2
    ….i try to install battery life repair but it’s not help

  7. i had batery drain problem too and i solved it.
    solution: go to setting<location<change to "device only"
    it solved the problem for few days already

  8. I had the same problem, but the reason is the google play services app, you need uninstall this app or updated. Its works for me.

  9. Uhhh what? I updated to kitkat last week and my battery is better than ever! I went from 100 to 66 in like 15 hours! (barley any standby) I think they fixed it.

  10. Hey dude i really want that new kitkat 4.4.2 updat plzzzz fix it farst can u plzz tell how much time it will take 2 fix

  11. retarded sony my phone now sucks. they should at least pull down the upgrade instead of having people update and then find out. is it still posible to upgrade?

  12. It was to be expected. Nexus 5 had problems on 4.4.2 too. Both nexus 5 and xperia Z have small batteries too which doesn’t help. I hope Sony gives you a fix as I left after a buggy 4.3 update. Also hope they don’t leave customers with a ruined device like they did when they updated the 2011 xperias. Try disabling your camera app and see if battery any better as this kinda worked on my n5. Sony should withdraw the update instead of just warning people.

  13. Mine also…and right now im facing a problem regarding my screen, theres is a portion of my screen ( whole middle part) That i cant touch, when I use the Test device, and test my Touch Screen, and when i swipe my finger to the said portion of may phone, the line were cut, or in short there is no response when i touch that portion

  14. So disappointed. Since the update to 4.4.2,kitkat, on my Xperia z, my phone became so laggy. I had to deactivate location otherwise my battery dies in a few hours. My phone is Really laggy now . Jelly bean 4.3 was almost perfect until the Kikat update. The auntutu benchmark score is now much lower. Please send me information on how to solve this big issue that has destroyed all my experience of this Sony smartphone powdered by Android. I needa fix soon, Otherwise this will be my last Sony phone & my last time using Android phones. I hope Sony & Google can help.

    • Yep.My Xperia Z is also so laggy after the update.Using keyboard is so painful now.Games are barely playable.And it was updated when it was in service for repair.I’ll be probably wait for some time with updating process…

  15. So… What if you already downloaded the update? Is there a way to Uninstall and not have Kitkat?
    GooglePlay cannot be Uninstaller or force stopped. Do not want this update any longer!

    • You can uninstall updates which reverts your version. This is how I stopped the error on my Nexus 5. Certain things don’t work, like hangouts and Keep, but worth it to me. Factory reset did nothing for me, nor clearing caches, nor restarting. Only Uninstalling Google Play service updates.

  16. I didn’t notice anything wrong with my battery(my battery has been crappy since my memory got low) My problem with the update isn’t with the battery. After i updated my xperia z to 4.4.2 kitkat I can’t open any kind of media. Like what the hell? My walkman is empty, same goes to my album and videos. And when i try to open anything media related a popup comes up saying “Unfortunately, the process has stopped” sometimes it happens just once, sometimes it happens non-stop for hours. I can barely use my phone. It’s happening as i type this message. Plus now i cant listen to music, take photos, or record any videos. I cant watch or listen to anything. Updating this phone to kitkat without checking for bug reports was the worst decision of my life. I beg you sony. Please fix this.

  17. I am on omnirom running 4.4.3 with no issues. Was on 4.4.2 with no battery drain issues at all. Not sure how Sony can blame google here. Omnirom is an AOSP based ROM.

  18. So when you look at the new logo for Android KitKat 4.4.2, what do you see? A Kit Kat bar right!? So was this garbage OS rushed out to satisfy some sponsorship deal??
    I have never been so disappointed in a phone as I am with my Xperia after this “update”.
    Not only is it behaving like crap, but many of the changes are not to my liking at all. From the font in messaging to the camera apps. I mean Sony really ‘effed up’ my camera functions…
    Does the quick access camera button have to be right where we start to swipe to unlock the phone???
    I sent in a complaint and was given instructions to “fix” my problems and I followed it exactly and everything went the way they said but when I was done, the phone was even worse than after the original kitkat upgrade…..WTF.

  19. I think I may have solved the problem. I have a Sony xperia z and the latest android update caused my battery life to reduce enormously.
    I uninstalled Google Play Services as this was using 90% or more. Then I reinstalled it.
    After a reboot the problem appears to have disappeared.

  20. Oh man i already updated to kitkat but i do not encounter any battery drain so fast….but one thing i noticed was the phone was so lagging…not very smooth performance tho

  21. Obviously this was a rushed update if its lagging as KitKat is supposed to use less memory. If you know what you are doing then I suggest to root and not use the Sony updates as they’re bad 90% of the time. Sony has had problems with Walkman app ever since the xperia T.

  22. 2 potential work arounds I’ve found for this issue, both work. On one of my xperias, I simply disabled Google play services and battery life more than doubled.

    On my other phone, I backed up all my data, then did a factory reset. After the reset, my battery life increased from 1 day at 100% charge to over 4 days at 100% charge.

    The factory reset does NOT uninstall the update, but it does seem to work. Use Google to search for a guide on how to properly do that, and you’ll be happily using your phone again in no time.

  23. Since the latest update has been installed my Sony Xperia shuts down and restarts and getting slow when going through apps.

  24. Those experiencing battery drain in 4.4.2 kitkat perform a full factory restore including formatting internal storage… It fixed my problem you don’t need to disable or uninstall anything… Hope this helps!! It fixed my sony xperia z!!! Awesome phone 😉 no more battery drain!!! I blame the ota upgrade overwriting over old settings!!! Yes google play services is the culprit but doing what I described fixes everything!!!

  25. In my case, the update had deactivated the Stamina feature, had to activate it back but at least I have some battery when I get back home

  26. i just bought xperia z2 last month from your sony authorized dealer..the problem is at the back surface of my phone, i can feel the heat and the temperature increase even i just browsing fb or internet..i already try factory reset and the result stll the same..pls help

  27. I did a factory reset. I logged back in without restoring settings or apps. I reinstalled my apps. My contacts are all in gmail so that was no issue. Two days in and no issues. No workarounds needed. Battery lasting two days with light use. A bit of work but so far a vast improvement.

    • I fixed the problem on mine xperia Z following way:

      – Opt out from interest based ads (don’t know if that changes anything)
      – turn off location reporting and location history
      – turn off Google Now

      After this I don’t even have Google Play Services on the list of apps using battery. The phone uses a few percent of battery per night.

      Now I just wait for another Android update

  28. The problem with Battery drain, over heating and excessive data usage is not just limited to the Kitkat upgrade. I have xperia ZL with 4.3JB and very recently have faced the same issue of battery drain overheating and excessive data usage. The same has been rectified by disabling auto backup and disabling advertisements. it required lot of fiddling with the settings. Google+ must also be restricted to limited usage. Switching off location services when not in use and turning off Google+ notification will also help reduce the battery usage.

  29. yea great! xperia Z top model
    but it’s not a mobile -it’s a hand heater with short battery life….
    plz do something with battery – sell more in northern countries.
    first and last sony mobile.

    • Workaround till next update:

      Turn off location reporting and history
      Turn off Google Now

      Problem “fixed”, for me works very well.

  30. To solve the battery issue, open settings, applications, all, Google Play Service, Storage, scroll down, delete all.
    Restart your phone.

  31. that’s happened with me 🙁

    I am trying to turn it on but I couldn’t because when i plug the charger it tries to turn on automatically and it drain the batty again so it turn off.

    I am trying to let it charge but it turn on by itself plz solution !!!!!!!!!!!!

  32. just upgraded to kitkat 4.4.2 version..charging my phone using my Sony Bravia TV has become an issue.device tells me the source for charging is charging less than discharging(meaning the rate at which the phone is dischaging is greater than positive charging) when the internet is on unless you switch off the phone xperia z then it charges. help using

  33. You can try to sign out google+ in our google account settings. after I sign out so far my battery usage back to normal, the google play service no longer drain my xperia z battery. Hope can get the fixes from google faster. So I can continue my google+.

  34. My xperia Z external speaker sucks when i updated to 4.4.2 kitkat it sounds like it’s playing under water .fix this Sony

  35. hey guys I recentley purchased an xperia z, and I FIXED the issue (reduced battery draining ) by enabling Stamina mode AND installing gservice fix, It actually worked so give it try. hopefully sony fixes this issue

    btw I didn’t disable googleservices or gps to me that’s non sense because I use hangouts, youtube, and maps all time so

    • I should also mention I am comparing battery usage to Nexus 4 (my previous phone) and it’s the same, however the phone sometimes not all the times gets really hot!
      disabling google services btw didn’t work for me, just download the app gservicefix and add applications you want to run in Stamina mode and you are good to go

  36. After an OS update back up your information or have it store.on microsd and or summary drain the battery once to around 5 %. Leave in plug in for 12 hours. Prefer phone off Battery will fully recovered. A heavy use with screen on this phone lasts 4 – 6 hours. Games or YouTube on cell or wifI.

    Keep in mind battery performance if not drain excessively recharge battery at 21 % or. Higher also recommended to restart and. Shut off phone once a week for 2 min. System and parts get a chance to reboot.

  37. Just use flashtool and download the older firmware like android 4.1.2 and flash it. It will revert back to android 4.1.2 or whatever version you chose

  38. This worked for me: I let my phone to drain all battery until it shutdown, then did a full recharge and the problem disappeared. It’s working for me for the past month

  39. I own a Sony ZR and upgraded to 4.4.2 one week back. battery life has gone down to 4-5 hours. Its like you need to keep it charging almost whole day. Is there anyway I can go back to the original version.. Overnight 50% battery gone to 1% in morning 🙁 🙁

  40. How on earth could that battery problem be a huge news to Sony?? The rest of the world noticed it some hours after upgrading. Do Sony only test upgrades on one phone?? I’m impressed!

  41. Well, too late. I don’t want to do a factory reset on this thing. I shouldn’t have upgraded it. Just bought the phone 2 days ago. Before upgrading, I am actually experiencing battery drain and back heating even when on Android 4.3. I bet this is a common issue for Sony phones? (Or maybe Android’s the real culprit)

  42. i am still getting battery drain even with that battery fix app and updated google play services the battery goes down 1% per every minute i browse only using wifi no 3g lte or anything

  43. I’ve purchased my Xperia Z 3 days ago. Then updated to Kit Kat 4.4.2 this morning on full charged, from 6:30a.m until now (12:40pm).. Just consumed 75% of my battery life.. So far it’s OK compared to 2 days ago (Jelly Bean). I’ve used my data network on Whatsapp, Wechat, Instagram, Bluetoothing with my MW600, listening to music on Walkman for about an hour this morning, using Wifi until now.. Will monitor the battery life until this evening.

  44. Same thing here. I read it just now after ibstalling update 3 days back. Phone is gone slow, battery drains fast and also charging time has increased. 4.3 update for xperia z was very awsome. I want to revert back, if there us a way.

  45. One of the bluetooth issues still plagueing the xperia z is this. since the kitkat update my xperia z now thinks it is an xperia z1. my phone model is c6603. Seems the kitkat we have is for the xperia z1 maybe? or some recognition the fact we do not have one of those phones? Another thing. PC companion now states the bluetooth is for NON ANDROID connectivity to pc companion. This being a major flaw I think as most phones are android. This is of now 4.4.4 kitkat.


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