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Google’s Project Tango tablet can be yours – for $1024


Google has finally built its 3D-mapping Project Tango tablet that we’ve seen in concept videos and heard about from the company site. The Google tablet packs some awesome specs, such as a 120-degree front camera, a 4-megapixel camera that relies on “micropixels” to let in more light and capture more accurate images. It’s been said that when a manufacturer relies on micropixels instead of megapixels, photos are clearer and sharper. This is Google’s mindset with the new tablet: if it is going to be a 3D-mapping resource for the world around us, it should be accurate with imaging. The Project Tango tablet comes in the seven-inch form factor that became so popular with the company’s Nexus 7 line, but features a 1080p viewing experience that’ll be pleasant on the eyes.

The Project Tango tablet also features a motion tracking camera to capture movement in real time as you turn the tablet to focus on the shifting direction of a subject or object, and also has an integrated depth sensor to help capture as much detail as possible to produce 3D images. Along with all of this impressive technology comes a whopping 4GB of RAM and 128GBs of storage that is powered by NVIDIA’s Tegra K1 processor. As for the 3D tech placed into the Project Tango tablet, you have Mantis Vision’s MV4D 3D chip to applaud. In a new MV4D video, we can see how 3D technology would be used to create games, enhance photos and video, and create a more enjoyable experience with mobile gadgets. Needless to say, tablets haven’t yet caught up to where the Project Tango tablet is in terms of its impressive specs and 3D capabilities. All of this tech-spec goodness comes at a cost, however: Google will release its Project Tango tablets to developers for approximately $1,024 in the days to come. We’ve heard reports that Google will release far more Project Tango tablets than the 200 Project Ara smartphones the company has released to developers.

Google’s 3D-mapping tablet isn’t quite financially feasible for the masses yet, but Mantis Vision (Google’s 3D partner) is ready to bring 3D tech to the masses: “3D represents a major paradigm shift for mobile. We haven’t seen a change this significant since the introduction of the camera phone. MV4D allows developers to deliver 3D-enabled mobile devices and capabilities to the world. This partnership with Google offers Mantis Vision the flexibility to expand quickly and strategically. It’ll fuel adoption and engagement directly with consumer audiences worldwide. Together, we are bringing 3D to the masses,” said Mantis Vision CEO Amihai Loven.

Google’s seven-inch Project Tango tablet will be a big hit with developers, at least, but Amazon’s got a project cooked up for the masses: the company released its invites to the Seattle, Washington state event earlier this week, with a 51-second commercial that emphasizes “it [Amazon’s 3D smartphone] moved with me.” Amazon’s 3D smartphone is said to have a 4.7-inch screen with a 720p viewing experience as well as four front cameras to provide a parallax motion effect and two rear cameras. We expect Amazon’s 3D smartphone to cost quite a bit less than Google’s $1024 3D-mapping tablet.

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