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Apple to unveil iWatch with iPhone 6 in September


The iWatch is set to become a reality this year, after nearly two years of wishful thinking by Apple analysts and writers alike. A new report out from The Nikkei Asian Review says that Apple is confident that its new wearable device will sell, with the company planning to sell 3-5 million new smartwatches each month.

While this does confirm the iWatch as an existing product that’ll arrive to market by this Fall, Apple’s iOS 8 announcement at WWDC 2014 confirmed the same. After all, Apple did bring “Health” and “Healthkit” apps to iOS 8 to track blood sugar, blood pressure, sleep activity, glucose levels, and so on. Analysts have expected the iWatch all year long, with iWatch concepts containing what insiders said would be a “Healthbook” app. While Apple did indeed rename the applications that rumors pointed to, the company did indeed release its health agenda at WWDC – as many had said.

As for iWatch specifications, the Asian review said that Apple’s iWatch will have an OLED (organic, light-emitting diode) screen, curved (with a round watchface), with two different sizes: one for men, another for women. The male iWatch will come with a larger screen than the female (1.7 inches vs. 1.3 inches, respectively), and the watch will go head-to-head against Motorola’s round-watchfaced Moto 360. Google has announced its Android Wear platform, and Motorola’s set to announce its “next big thing” this summer. Motorola looks to surge ahead with its smartwatch, seeing that it’ll get a head start before the Apple announcement on September 9th (the current rumored date for the iPhone 6 announcement).

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Apple has been working with the Mayo Clinic, as well as a number of other prestigious medical centers such as Stanford, Kaiser Permanente, Mount Sinai, UCLA Health, Johns Hopkins, Duke Medicine, and others. Apple recently met with the Food and Drug Administration in December for a “Mobile Medical Applications” appointment – likely the appointment that sealed the deal for the Health apps and the upcoming iWatch. Apple noted at WWDC 2014 that, should your blood pressure or glucose levels register at an unusual level, the Health apps will have the capability of alerting your doctor – who will contact you immediately. Having your medical information on-the-go in the future will allow consumers to toss out their medical bracelet and toss on the iWatch.

It hasn’t been emphasized enough, but for those who aren’t so health-conscious, the iWatch will allow you to receive notifications on your wrist. While health may be Apple’s emphasis in the iWatch, there are a number of smartwatches on the market that will utilize alternative customer preferences (such as smart capabilities that may not be connected to health in any way). The price isn’t yet known, but Apple’s iWatch is expected to be pricier than any other smartwatch on the market.

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The iWatch will go on sale in October, rather than the September timeframe that some analysts affirmed initially. Apple is also expected to emerge with its new iPad Air 2 and second-generation Retina mini tablet, the iPad Mini 3, at that time.

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