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Google I/O app available on Google Play Store


The app arrives just in time, as the Google I/O conference takes place in nearly two weeks. Those that want to remain updated on the latest products that Google unveils will no longer have to check their news feed for up-to-the-minute coverage. The Google Play Store declares that the Google I/O app can act as a “co-pilot to navigate the conference.” It’s intended for both those that will be there in person and fans that want news remotely.

The app includes many different and useful features, such as the ability to utilize an interactive vector-based map. This allows conference visitors to always find their way with ease. Conference attendees and those digitally keeping tabs on the event can figure out where they’ve to be and at what time with an official conference agenda. It includes such in-depth information as who will speak and when, which partners will be on hand, and which topics these speakers will cover.

For Google I/O attendees, the ability to sync up their daily schedule from devices like a smartphone or tablet straight to the I/O site will be very useful and a great time-saver. A widget also allows attendees to see their day’s events quickly. It’s also possible to create a personalized schedule that can have new events added instantly. If a conference attendee finds themselves particularly forgetful or overwhelmed with the day’s agenda, the app can send out reminders of impending appointments. Even after an event, the attendee can add feedback about what they just witnessed.

To further connect conference attendees both there physically and digitally, the Google I/O app lets the user link up with Google+ to discuss topics related to the conference. First-time attendees may be interested in watching past Google I/O conferences through select footage in the Video Library.

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Those that can attend the conference in person do get some perks with the app. For example, these attendees will be provided a facilitated Wii configuration. This app is available for free.

This year’s Google I/O expects new products like the Android 4.5 or 5.0, currently called “Moonshine” as well as the Android Wear and Nexus Smartwatch watches, Android TV, Google Glass 2, and Nexus 6. The conference begins on June 25th until the 26th in San Francisco.

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