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Samsung Group plans to expand Galaxy series with Galaxy F

A new Galaxy F photo surfaced today, reminding us that what many called the Galaxy S Prime may indeed be on its way to market – under a different name.

The Galaxy F photo surfaced by way of a tipster who contacted tech site PhoneArena with his news, so, aside from the tipster, there’s no way to confirm that the photo is legitimate (although it appears to be, to the naked eye). With that said, the photo shows a Galaxy F that appears to have two features worth nothing: a wider screen that is more of an edge-to-edge display as well as thinner bezels. In fact, the Galaxy F looks significantly bezel-thin when stacked up against the Galaxy S5.

As for the wider screen, you can see from the photo that the Galaxy F actually allows room for more on-screen space, occupying a little more room at the bottom of the display near the home button that it did in the Galaxy S5 (with the S5 leaving some home space between the bottom front display and the home button/fingerprint scanner.

The Galaxy F photo that surfaced isn’t the only photo of the Galaxy F we’ve seen; there’ve been other images. One image that we’ve seen from leakster Evan Blass (Twitter name @evleaks) shows the Galaxy F with a metal finish that matches something close to the LG G3 design. Some have said that Samsung placed a genuine aluminum metal back onto the Galaxy F, but it seems as though the metal back was intended for the company’s Galaxy S5 Active – a smartphone that will go on sale this summer.

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After @evleaks provided the first photo of the Galaxy F, new photos have surfaced between Blass’s photo and this one. In the new photos, the Galaxy F name is provided (yes, it appears as “Galaxy F” on the display), along with photos of a black metallic back cover. It seems that, as said above, the Galaxy F looks to have a plastic-textured metal finish as opposed to a metal back cover (the black plastic is a giveaway).

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@evleaks said earlier this month that he had received a rumor from a tipster regarding the Galaxy F: “It’s said to be a 5.3-inch, QHD, SD805-powered/replacement/for the Galaxy S line, meaning that there would be no S6. Allegedly launching at an ‘Unpacked Ep. 2.” Blass then added, “This rumor is completely unconfirmed, unverified, unsubstantiated” in bold caps. In short, the Galaxy F will feature a somewhat wider display than the original Galaxy S5 (5.3 inches vs. 5.1 inches), but feature a brighter screen resolution that surpasses the Galaxy S5’s current full HD (1920 x 1080) display to a Quad HD display (2560 x 1440). The Qualcomm Snapdragon 805 processor chip is set to emerge by the end of 2014, so Samsung’s Galaxy F will also have a bit more power under the hood than the current, Snapdragon 801-powered Galaxy S5. There is no word on whether the Galaxy F, like the Galaxy S5, will feature water resistance.

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On Wednesday, June 4th, @evleaks said that he had received a statement that the Galaxy F would go on sale in September. This is interesting timing indeed, considering that Samsung’s Galaxy Note 4 is set to arrive at this time as well. What this could mean for customers is that there will be two smartphones to meet customers at that time.

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