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Apple iPad Air 2 coming with Touch ID and embedded side buttons


After iPhone 6 alleged images, iPad Air 2 images is making buzz on the web. A replica of the iPad Air 2 displayed some pretty promising extra features, including embedded side buttons, recessed volume buttons, Touch ID, and a speaker grille.

The main focus of the Apple product, thus far, has been its Touch ID function. This allows the device to use fingerprint recognition through a sensor to identify the user. The Touch ID, according to replicas of the device seen in both Japan and China, is used as a home button primarily on both the upcoming iPad Air and the iPad Mini.

The other features weren’t announced and thus excited consumers as pictures of the upcoming device made the rounds. The speaker grille, for example, was much improved over the former version of the iPad. It now includes an entire row of spacious holes on both edges of the device near the lightning port.

The side buttons are now also embedded into the side of the iPad, as images of the replica display. The volume buttons are recessed and don’t poke out of the device at all. Currently, the replica has no mute switch. However, this could later change as the current replica is just a prototype of what’s to come.

Although it’s not entirely known when the new iPad will launch, the estimate is sometime this year. In the meantime, consumers will be busy with plenty of other Apple products, including the iWatch and the iPhone 6.

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