Have you wanted to put more “motion” in your photos? Well, if you’re a huge Twitter addict, congratulations – your photo desire has been granted. Animated GIFs are now allowed on Twitter. Both sharing and receiving GIFs are possible with Twitter’s new update.

If you’re a PC/laptop user, you can now post GIFs to Twitter.com. For huge mobile Android and iOS users, you can now post and view GIFs on your Android or iOS-powered smartphone.

GIFs have been possible at Twitter through a third-party service called Giphy, but today’s update lets you upload and view GIFs without using Giphy. When it comes to playback, you’ll have to press “play” on the screen – so, no automatic GIF playback just yet. We know GIFs will become more in the future with the inclusion of an automatic playback at some point. Twitter fans can’t have all the joys at once!

So, are you ready to post some GIFs? If you’re excited about the service, feel free to respond and give us a screenshot or two of your first GIFs on Twitter. If you’ve already posted animated GIFs, congrats on making Twitter history. Future Twitter users will dub you a social media pioneer who celebrated a worthy cause.