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iOS 8 beta 2 download available to developers


iOS 8 beta 2 is now available to developers who own compatible iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch devices. The beta is available as an over the air download and is accessible through the Apple developer portal. This new beta for iOS 8 is to address a number of issues and bugs found in the initial beta release.

Apple officially released the first beta for iOS 8 on June 2, which was rough to say the least. Initial iOS beta releases tend to be highly buggy and filled with issues that the company will ultimately fix prior to the full public release. Usually Apple releases the beta versions of iOS to allow developers to update their apps for the new OS ahead of release. Developers also have a lot more expertise when it comes to bug spotting.

However, thousands of non-developers also downloaded the update and while some of the issues identified in the initial release will be fixed, a great number are still to be ironed out ahead of the public release. It’s currently advised that non-developer iOS users wait for the public release and until that point, operate off iOS 7.1.

iOS 8 was officially unveiled at Apple’s WWDC event earlier this month. iOS 8 is more of an iterative improvement on iOS 7. iOS 7 was the first major shift in the design of iOS since it was first conceived and was really necessary at that point. With Android growing exponentially, Apple needed to change their mobile OS.¬†Apple took a lot of features found in Android to develop iOS 7 and a lot of those features were carried over to iOS 8. iOS 8 makes much smaller changes to the overall experience.


For those who have downloaded the iOS 8 beta, Apple is currently taking feedback in order to improve the usability and stability of the OS. Users are able to submit feedback on any issues encountered to Apple online.

Click here to download the iOS 8 beta 2.

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