Siri may soon be for sale. Today, Samsung revealed that it was chatting with Nuance Communications, the same company that came up with the talking Apple companion. Nuance is keeping its options though as it’s also spoken with other firms.

Nuance specializes in speech programs and is based in Massachusetts. Its products include call steering, automated phone services, character recognition, speech recognition programs, desktop imaging, and medical transcriptions. It also specializes in television, GPS hardware, and smartphone technology. However, Nuance is certainly best known for powering Siri.

Although Apple uses Siri primarily, the company doesn’t own Nuance. The two brands were supposedly in talks last year. It was even rumored that Steve Wozniak, Apple’s co-founder, had purchased Nuance. However, this never came to fruition for one reason or another, whether it was a failed deal or something else.

Carl Icahn, a major shareholder in Nuance Communications, made a solidifying statement about working with Apple. “That is something I would never micromanage,” he said, adding that “I don’t possess the expertise or the assumption to push for a buyout.”

Apple could certainly afford to purchase Nuance though if it wanted, as could Samsung. Currently, the company retails at about six billion dollars. Apple, in the meantime, seems to be occupied with its most recent buy, Beats, a streaming music service. That purchase cost Apple about 3 billion dollars to acquire.

Nuance seems to be growing, although it hasn’t necessarily shown yet financially.According to the last six quarters, the company has experienced a net loss. It brought in about $1.8 billion dollars last year though working with other companies like LG, GM, Intel, Audi, HTC, Panasonic, Ford, Toyota, BMW, and Nintendo.

However, Nuance doesn’t have to worry much about losses for much longer, at least not for the time being. Upon the news of its potential union with Samsung, its stock has increased to about 9.7 percent. Therefore, if the company does decide to work with Samsung, it’s expected that its stock may rise even higher.

Samsung produces a range of products, including smartphones like the Galaxy, tablets, televisions, audio equipment, home theater equipment, Blu-Ray players, computers and laptops, camcorders, digital cameras, security systems, monitors, memory and storage devices, LED lights, and home goods and appliances.