The Microsoft Surface is a tablet that has existed since 2012. It includes two different versions, the RT with an ARM CPU and the Pro with an Intel Ivy Bridge CPU that powers up Windows 8. Both tablets offer two types of covers that a user can plug into the tablet if they want to use a physical keyboard rather than a touch screen for typing.

The Surface Mini, which would be a smaller version of the Surface tablet, was thought to be announced when Microsoft unveiled its Surface Pro 3. The company had pushed the debut as being “small,” giving fans worldwide reason to hope that the Mini would finally see its debut. However, no further information was offered about the Mini, including price, release date, and whether or not it was an actual product.

That all changed though, since the Surface Mini sees multiple mentions in the above-mentioned user manual. It’s mentioned in instructions for using the Surface Pen for the Surface as well as how to use OneNote.

According to rumors on the Surface Mini, as of May 2014, it was said to have been delayed, supposedly due to touch support problems. However, allegedly at least 20,000 Surface Mini units do exist. The Mini is supposed to be able to interact with an upcoming version of Microsoft Office that will also use touch controls. However, until those kinks are worked out, the Mini has been kept under wraps by Microsoft.

While this news is certainly promising to those who would like a smaller tablet from the media giant, there’s still no update on when or if the Microsoft Surface Mini will be released.

We’ll keep you updated with any new developments.