Even after so many acquisitions in 2013, Google is still hungry for more. The Mountain View group has made three new acquisitions in last few days. Google’s Nest Lab has recently acquired Dropcam along with Alpental Technologies and mDialog, the former deals with the wireless connectivity, the latter specializing in video advertising solutions.


Google owned Nest Lab is acquiring Dropcom for approx. about $555 million in cash. Dropcam is known for its cloud based security system. Nest Lab’s posted on its blog, “the plan is for us to work together to reinvent products that will help shape the future of the conscious home and bring our shared vision to more and more people around the world. For now though, not much will change. Dropcam products will still be sold online and in stores. And Dropcam customers will still continue to use their Dropcam accounts.”

Nest Lab’s also pacifies the Dropcam customers about their privacy. Their Data won’t be shared with anyone (including Google) without the customer’s permission.

mDialog and Alpental Technologies

As Google looks to get more into the realm of video, especially video advertising, the company announced the acquisition of mDialog and Alpental Technologies today. Both are tinier brands that can help Google in a big way.
mDialog focuses on video advertising while Alpental specializes in wireless communications. It appears that mDialog will meld into Google’s preexisting DoubleClick. mDialog made a statement on its own website confirming as much, saying: “we’re excited to announce that mDialog is joining the DoubleClick team at Google. Longer term, we’re also very excited about combining mDialog with the DoubleClick platform for publishers. Together, we’re looking forward to offering creators new and even better ways to make money from their live and on-demand content.”

DoubleClick is Google’s advertising program that works alongside brands like Coca-Cola, Apple, Microsoft, Motorola, General Motors, L’Oreal, and Nike. mDialog’s experience in advertising will allow DoubleClick’s ads to spread to set-top boxes, smartphones, and tablets.

Alpental seeks to improve wireless communications for the upcoming generation as it printed in a letter that chief technology officer Michael Hart wrote and sent to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). The company used to work with Clearwater, which has since linked up with Sprint Corporation. As of now, it’s unknown if Alpental will meld into Google like mDialog will or not. The company may work on Google’s Project Loon, Google’s attempt to power the Internet through balloons.

Of course, Dropcam, mDialog and Alpental Communications haven’t been Google’s first purchases recently. Recently, Google acquired Skybox Imaging and in the future, we will see more acquisitions by tech giants. Currently, our eyes are set on upcoming Google I/O, which will start from June 25, 2014.