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Apple iWatch coming in September with health sensors and wireless charging


The new Apple iWatch, which is still in need of approval from the FDA, will feature a slew of impressive features, including wireless charging, sweat sensors, and a curved body. However, it’s drawing plenty of headlines for its ability to track blood glucose levels.

The iWatch, which will be the first of its kind from the Apple brand, has yet to debut on store shelves, although it should appear by this September, along with iPhone 6. Before that though, the FDA has to give the green light to the medical portions of the watch.

Back in December 2013, the FDA and Apple spoke about the iWatch, which at that point was still an idea rather than a finished product. The FDA announced that it was double-checking that the iWatch met all regulations necessary for it to pass. In the meantime, Apple has been trying to get patents for the product in countries as Mexico, Taiwan, Russia, and Japan.

The iWatch is supposed to have a variety of features, among them an infinite loop bracelet that the user puts on easily like a slap watch, which adheres around the wrist effortlessly. Anything done on the iWatch occurs through a touch screen. Beyond that, it can also track various health functions like the user’s blood pressure, their blood glucose levels, their heart rate, and their sweat rate. Users who want to take better care of their bodies can also use the Apple iOS 8 Health app in correlation with the iWatch.


Apple has worked with a number of professionals in the realms of managing blood glucose levels on the iWatch. However, certain reports state that there’s a chance that Apple may not ultimately use the blood glucose level tracker with the first iteration of the iWatch if it doesn’t get FDA approval in time. Quanta Computer, a Taiwan brand, has already announced that it will start making the iWatch next month.

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