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Google Glass finally arrives in UK for £1000


Those in the United Kingdom that have been saving up money for the Google Glass have reason to rejoice today. The frames have finally become available, and only for about $1,700 (approx. £1000). However, just like in the United States, shoppers must be at least 18 years old to purchase Glass.

The Department of Transport has had some reservations about the frames arriving in the UK as they feared that the product could draw drivers’ attention away from the road. However, according to UK government, they permitted the sale of Google Glass with plans to potentially cut back on how much data that it would feed to users while on the road.

According to a quote from a government spokesperson to the BBC, safety is a top concern for drivers using Glass. “Drivers must give their full attention to the road, which is why it has been illegal since the 1980s to view a screen whilst driving, unless that screen is displaying driving information. There are no plans to change this, and we have met with Google to discuss the implications of the current law for Google Glass.”



Other features of the Google Glass are raising some questions for the UK. For example, certain medical facilities like Ulster Hospital have a strict rule against photography, but Glass can take snapshots of anything that the wearer sees.

However, a lot of businesses and brands in the country have embraced the induction of the Glass. Tesco, a grocery shop, wants to start a campaign to appeal to Glass owners. British Airways stated that it has no issues with wearers keeping their frames on when boarding a flight. They only need to activate Glass’ safety mode while doing so.

Over in the US, where Google Glass has already been available through the Explorer program, shoppers now have another very fashionable choice at their disposal, as designer Diane von Furstenberg has produced her own line of frames. These quality add-ons are available in a variety of hues, and shoppers can choose to get optical frames or tinted sunglasses. Bundles with the optical frames and the sunglasses are available at only $1,800.

Von Furstenberg, who spoke with Isabella Olsson, one major designer of Google Glass, stated that her new line of frames will appeal to women consumers who own Glass. Although Google Glass has worked with Luxottica Group in the past to produce another version of chic frames for shoppers, those have yet to materialize. That makes this collaboration with von Furstenberg quite an impactful one.

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