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Huawei unveils Honor 6 to challenge Galaxy S5 and iPhone 5S


Hauwei has answered the call of competitors with the debut of its Honor 6 today. The device, which also goes by the name of the Glory 6, is meant to surpass the Apple iPhone 5s, the HTC One M8, and the Samsung Galaxy S5 with its specifications.

The brand, which goes fully by the name of Hauwei Technologies Co. Ltd. produces smartphones, telecommunications services, and Telecom network devices. Its previous smartphone, the Ascend P7, was beloved for its size and functionality even though it wasn’t without its flaws. The Honor 6 promises the same size as the Ascend, but it’s a slew of improved features. These include LTE Cat support, 3 GB of RAM, Android 4.4.2, a home developed HiSilicon Kirin 920 chipset with octa-core processor, and a screen display in 1080p.

That same screen, produced by JPI, measures out to be about five inches. It’s also the focal point of the smartphone, as it takes up nearly 76 percent of the entire device. Beyond the RAM space, the Honor 6 will sport 16 or 32GB memory storage expandable via a microSD card.

Hauwei’s Kirin 920 chipset, which the brand created, is the heart of the Glory 6, and it’s meant to compete with the Exynos octa-core chipset from Samsung. This same Kirin 920 chipset allows users to download data at a rate of 300 megabits per second.


Previous owners of Hauwei smartphones may have noticed that the device can get pretty hot after enough use. This occurred because of chipset functioning. Hauwei has improved the chipset with the Glory 6 by including aluminum alloy. This will keep the smartphone much cooler for longer.

For those that like their smartphone for taking pictures, the new Honor promises beautiful snaps with a 13 megapixel camera that includes f/2.0 aperture and an IMX214 sensor from Sony. Users can switch between a front (5MP) and back camera, the latter containing dual-LED flash capabilities.

Of all of these impressive features, Hauwei is most excited about the ability for its Honor 6 to save power compared to other devices. It’s supposed to have at least twice the battery life of an iPhone 5s as well as improved battery capacity compared to the Galaxy S5.

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