Facebook decided to create “Slingshot,” a new Snapchat-competitor ephemeral messaging app that gets rid of photos and videos quickly after you view them. The purpose of this that many users get to lose any sort of evidential trace of a message, video, or line of communication with another person. In some situations, users choose to use services such as Snapchat and Slingshot to maintain privacy. In this NSA-weary society in which we now find ourselves, Snapchat has been a welcome part of life. Facebook tried to buy Snapchat (as it did WhatsApp), but Snapchat didn’t agree to Facebook’s proposal. It’s likely Facebook’s privacy issues that influenced Snapchat to abandon the acquisition.

Facebook’s tapped into this human need to control what prying NSA eyes see (and what they don’t), so the company unveiled Slingshot some days ago. The app, once available only in the US, has now gone worldwide. World citizens can have as much fun watching their communication disappear as American citizens have had for a few days now.

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Facebook requires a separate login username and password for Slingshot, so the social media company’s decided to detach it from any connection with Facebook Messenger or the core Facebook app, for that matter. It’s likely the case that Facebook doesn’t want users to decline using it because it’s tied to Facebook’s privacy issues. Mark Zuckerberg’s company has had issues internationally with its invasive practices that some consider to threaten the privacy of its users, and the FCC may still be suspicious of Facebook’s activities with WhatsApp—despite the company’s promise earlier this year that it will maintain the privacy of its acquisition users.

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If you want to chat, video, and not leave a trace, Slingshot’s ready for whatever you “throw” at it.

So, has anyone tried Slingshot? If so, what do you think? Feel free to let us know in the comments below.