Adobe has released the first version of Photoshop Express for Windows Phone. Five years after the iOS version of Adobe Photoshop Express hit the market, Windows Phone users can finally rejoice.

Photoshop Express is a premium app on a platform void of quality photo editors. There’s not much to photo editing on smart phones. All the basic bells and whistles are here. Chop, flip, shade and straighten all your favorite selfies. Adjust the shine and tone of every photo in your gallery. Crop out your dirty apartment in the background of the group shot.

The one touch filter will be familiar to the Instagram/SnapChat generation (worth noting the Windows Phone version of Instagram is still in beta).

The interface is easy to pick up, images remain crystal clear throughout your swiping. If you’ve ever cropped or sun-baked a photo on your phone (guessing you have), the slider interface of Photo Express will be extremely familiar. Designers are doing a good job of not straying from what works.

Adobe provides a basic set of 22 filters for FREE while tossing a carrot. 20 additional filters are available in the “Looks Pack” for $2.99. Raise your hand if you’re dropping three bucks on additional filters after the first 22 are Instagram duplicates.

Also, available for purchase is the “Noise Reduction Pack”. According to Adobe’s official release on Thursday, the pack serves to minimize unwanted grain and speckling in your photograph. Where I come from we call that a re-take.

Photoshop Express allows for easy uploading to Facebook and other social platforms. Saved photos are easy to upload to your Dropbox. If you’re all in on Adobe, your Adobe Revel account is simple to log into from the application. To sweeten the pot you’re offered 2 GB of free space on Revel.

Adobe avoids the pet peeve of most app heads. There are no annoying, unwanted advertisements trojaned inside of Photoshop Express.

At the very least freemium photo editing is worth 36 MB of storage space. The Windows Phone store is generally barren of quality photo editing software. Your device will need at least 512 MB of RAM to run Adobe Photoshop Express.

Now, Photoshop Express is available on all three major stores App Store, Google Play and Window Phone Store.