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Google makes changes to Google Drive App to increase functionality


The Google Drive Android app expanded again to include Android users through an update on its UI that fixed issues and bugs that had been plaguing the interface. This is the second update in two weeks, as on Wednesday, June 19th, Google upgraded the UI to version for all Android owners.

The changes saw the induction of a floating shortcut bar when creating new documents, scanning new documents, or uploading documents. Google also changed the color of the interface, improved the Setting’s menu through a Programs Policies addition, and switched from drop-down to in-line menus. There’s no more clunky top bar for users to deal with. Instead, they can get to their files through a grid for easier access.

Beyond these changes, Google Drive 2.0 has added options for users to let others see a document, share links, and print documents with much more simplicity. This expands the ability to collaborate on materials quickly and from a distance. The new Google Drive almost boasts the ability to make edits no matter what device that the user owns whether it’s a computer or mobile device. Edits can also occur without Internet access.

Android owners can also download the Google Sheets, Docs, or Slides apps through Google Play to get a better and fuller editing and creation experience. All three apps allow for quick changes and creations of documents like PowerPoint, spreadsheets, and Word documents as well as quick creation and editing of materials, and the ability to make presentations on a variety of mobile devices. Users can also edit their documents even if they were created on other devices and both present and collaborate on a presentation when presenting it. Users never have to worry about the app failing to save their work, as it will save when the user types and creates documents.

In the coming weeks, according to Google Drive, these three apps will expand to iOS owners as well. The improvement of the UI for Google comes just in time then. Google Drive, due to the existence of these Slides, Sheets, and Docs apps, now doesn’t need the ability to create and make changes on documents, Google notes.

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In an effort to attract more users to the Google Drive, Google began to lower the prices of the cloud storage back in March. Instead of $5 a month for 100 gigabytes of storage space, users can now get that space for only about $2 monthly. Prices for one to 10 terabytes of storage also dropped.

These price cuts probably occurred in order to compete with similar cloud storage services like Dropbox or Microsoft’s OneDrive. Currently, Google Drive has the lowest prices among this competition.

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