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ASUS Android Wear smartwatch to be priced at $99-$149, debut in September


Are you ready for another Android Wear smartwatch? We’ve seen Google announce the LG G Watch and the Samsung Gear Live (both Android Wear smartwatches) as of last week, but ASUS is getting ready to enter the smartwatch market this Fall. A new report suggests that ASUS has its own Android Wear smartwatch which falls behind the release of both LG and Samsung offerings, but will still arrive this year.

As of this moment, the information we have on the ASUS Android Wear smartwatch is scant, but we do know that the company looks to price its Android Wear offering competitively at around $99-$149, placing it $50 below the Samsung Gear Live ($199) and $71-$131USD below the LG G Watch in the US ($230 vs. $99/$149).

The ASUS Android Wear smartwatch will also come with an AMOLED display, matching Samsung’s Gear Live. Still, however, we know nothing of the screen resolution or the specs of the Android Wear smartwatch. Since the new ASUS smartwatch will run on Google’s new wearables platform, you can be sure that Google Now will be at the center of all its activity.

There seem to be some time constraints in place that’ve made Android Wear smartwatches seem rather rushed to market. If you’re wondering why LG’s G Watch doesn’t have a heart rate monitor, it’s not because Samsung decided to “go all out” and plaster a heart rate monitor over everything; instead, LG felt rushed to market because of Google’s timetable. In the same way, we wonder why it is the case that ASUS didn’t have its Android Wear smartwatch ready for Google I/O 2014. After all, the best way to make a new entrance into wearables for Google would’ve been to see to it that all Android Wear smartwatch manufacturers had a prototype ready for display at the Android developer conference.

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Things just seem rushed when two companies have Android Wear watches ready, while ASUS must wait a few more months before announcing its own. Google’s been taking steps to command its control over Android more and more these days, but ASUS’s late announcement in the Fall isn’t in step with what we’ve seen from Google’s new leadership.

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In any case, ASUS’s AMOLED display on its Android Wear watch will do much to commend it over LG’s G Watch. AMOLED displays are brighter on small smartwatch screens, and it is necessary when you consider that many smartwatch users will’ve their band gadgets outdoors, in the sun, or indoors in low-light settings. Still, it can also be said that LG and Samsung users will likely go with what LG and Samsung have already brought to the table. Unless you’re a value shopper who believes that your $50 saved could be used for other things (like a meal or two), the reduced price tag will likely not be enough to sway you either way.

We’ll be back to bring you more news on the ASUS Android Wear smartwatch as it becomes available. In September, Apple is also supposed to release its iWatch along with iPhone.

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