March is about to end and we will soon enter the month of April, the month of Xbox 720. Yes folks, get ready for the announcement of the next generation gaming console from Microsoft, the Microsoft Xbox 720.

According to previous reports, Microsoft has been working on the Xbox 720 since a long time, and it was said that the company plans to unveil its next-gen console in a special event that will be held in the month of April. Once again, multiple sources have said that the Xbox 720 will be announced in the month of April.

Similar to the Sony PlayStation 4 which was unveiled some weeks ago, even Microsoft Xbox 720 will be released during the holiday season of this year. So regardless of the order in which these next-gen consoles were announced (Sony PS4 and Microsoft Xbox 720), they will most probably be available for purchase in the same time period.

Earlier it was said that the Xbox 720 was going to come in June, but things seem to have changed. It was Larry Hryb, the director of programming for Xbox who posted a countdown clock to an event on his blog. This countdown timer was set for June when we will have the E3 event. This gave an indication that the Xbox 720 will be unveiled at the E3 conference this year.

The Xbox 720 will indeed be a very powerful machine. The reports about this console given by Kokatu earlier seem to be true, and they actually tell us what the Xbox can do and how it will work. This next-gen console will play multiple games at once, will also require game installations and new controllers because a ‘new wireless technology’ will be used in the Xbox 720. The new console is said to work only with Kinect sensors. All this rounded up does mean that there are a lot of changes and less backward compatibility, even though users will get over it after some point of time.

Similar to the rumors about the PS4, there have been reports which say that the Microsoft Xbox 720 will always need an active internet connection. This might not be a problem for most of the users who play games online, but there are a few consumers in the market that will find it difficult to digest this news. As far as the specs are concerned, the Xbox 720 will have an 8 core CPU clocked at 1.6 GHz, an 800 MHz custom graphics processor in the GPU, 8 GB of RAM with 32MB of fast embedded SRAM.