Samsung’s Galaxy S5 made its debut nearly three months ago now, but the smartphone can’t keep pace with Apple’s 10-month-old iPhone 5s and 5C models.

According to analyst firm Kantar Worldpanel Comtech, the Galaxy S5 was the third most popular smartphone in the UK in the month of May: “May was the first full month of Galaxy S5 sales since its European release. Despite its blockbuster launch, the Galaxy S5 was only the third highest selling smartphone in Britain behind the iPhone 5s and 5c.”

At the same time, however, Samsung did attract a significant portion of iPhone owners to the Galaxy S5 in the UK. While 58% of Galaxy S5 owners have been Samsung customers in the past, Samsung has gained a foothold in Apple’s iPhone fan base. “However, among those who did buy the Galaxy S5 across the five largest European markets, 17% switched from Apple,” Kantar’s analysis report states.

ComTech Global Strategic Insight Director Dominic Sunnebo, the main attraction to the Galaxy S5 was its larger screen. “In general, consumers buying the Galaxy S5 were primarily attracted by its larger screen size.” While Sunnebo gives a general statement, it’s likely that other personal reasons (perhaps Android’s massive functionality advantage) pertain to iPhone switchers.

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In the US, the Galaxy S5 was the second-highest selling smartphone in the month of May, just behind the iPhone 5s. Even though the iPhone 5s has been more popular in both the US and UK, Samsung’s sales have outpaced Apple’s for the last three months – 36.8% versus Apple’s 32.5%. Of Samsung’s success in the US, it’s seen 8% of American iPhone users switch to its own Galaxy S5. It’s no secret that American Apple customers are extremely loyal, but there’s something to be said for the growing number of iPhone switchers. This wasn’t the case just a few years ago. LG and HTC customers switched to the Galaxy S5 in large numbers, making up the majority of new Samsung customers.

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And, as if you didn’t already know, Android retains the top OS crown with 73.3% marketshare, as opposed to Apple’s 16.6% share and Windows’ 8.1% marketshare.


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