We’re now in the third quarter of 2014, and it’s time for tech companies such as Apple to report on their earnings from the fiscal third quarter. Apple intends to do just that on July 22nd, with CEO Tim Cook and new Chief Financial Office (CFO) Luca Maestri at the helm. Long-time CFO Peter Oppenheimer retired from Apple last month.

Apple posted better-than-expected numbers for Q2 2014, having sold 43.7 million iPhones, 16.4 million iPads, and 4.1 million MacBooks, and 2.8 million iPods for a total sales revenue of $45.6 billion. As has been the case for Apple time and time again, the iPhone was Apple’s main selling point, providing Cupertino with a 17% increase in units sold (14% revenue increase) from Q2 2013. MacBook sales increased by 5% in Q2 from the same time period last year (1% revenue increase), while iPad sales declined 16% (revenue down 16%) from Q2 2013.

The iPod, one of Apple’s most revolutionary products to ever arrive on the market, posted a 51% decline in sales and 52% decline in revenue from the same quarter in 2013. Apple’s sales in Q2 were strong, but the company did see a decline in product sales in every category. This isn’t surprising, considering that Apple has yet to release the iPhone 6 and the iWatch, sources of revenue that many believe will boost Apple sales later this year. Continuing declines in sales and revenue for the iPod leave many tech analysts wondering whether Apple will continue iPod sales or eventually put an end to the iPod once and for all.

As for Q3, Apple expects to post $36-$38 billion in sales. We’ll be back to report on Apple’s Q3 sales as information becomes available.