Home Business Maryland cab companies sue Uber after London lawsuit dismissal

Maryland cab companies sue Uber after London lawsuit dismissal


Ride-sharing company Uber, after seeing its London lawsuit dismissed, is now under fire in the US.

Uber was considered in London to become a lawsuit defendant by the Transport for London (TfL) and the London Taxi Drivers’ Association (LTDA), but the UK’s high court will ultimately receive all cases. Uber is to blame, but there’re already a number of cases in UK court that pertain to individual Uber drivers. As such, the UK court considers the individual cases to be of more value for citizens than the company lawsuit.

Apart from the large number of cases against individual Uber drivers, the Transport for London (TfL) authority says that the UK has no right to take legal action against Uber because its operations are perfectly within legal limits: “TfL’s position, supported by legal advice, is that there are no grounds to take action against Uber London Ltd, Uber BV (Holland parent company), or Uber drivers under s.2 of the 1998 Private Hire Vehicle (Licensing) Act.”

30 Maryland cab companies, to be exact, are suing Uber because the ride-sharing company’s app that calls taxi drivers is eroding the state’s cab company profits. It seems to be a never-ending mantra that technology is removing old jobs that once required human hands. Whereas customers once used local taxi cab companies, many taxicab riders are turning to Uber to direct them to taxi cab drivers. As a result, some taxi cab companies that once had an excellent business no longer do – compliments of the ride-sharing app.


It may seem to be an inconvenience for local Maryland taxi cab companies, but technology does effect every part of human existence. With current ordering machines being developed behind-the-scenes for fast-food companies, it’s just a matter of time before restaurant employees find themselves looking for new work. Technology provides some wonderful gains, but these don’t come without some terrible losses.

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