Tag Heuer, known for its Swiss watches, has seen one of its top employees leave the company for Apple Inc.

The Swiss watchmaker’s Vice President of Sales and Retail, Patrick Pruniaux, will leave Tag Heuer and report to Apple Inc. This coming Monday. Pruniaux spent seven years with Tag Heuer.

Apple’s new hire adds one more to the company’s hire of former Burberry CEO Angela Ahrendts in May, as well as the hire of Yves-Saint Laurent head Paul Deneve last year. We’ve also seen Apple talking with the FDA over biometric sensors in days gone by, leading us to conclude that Apple’s certainly got more than just Health and HealthKit in mind (announced for iOS 8 at WWDC 2014).

With Apple hiring all these fashion executives, however, beware. One thing that we must remember with any smartwatch is that no affordable price tag will include a luxury item. Apple’s iPhone prices are likely to rise due to the sapphire crystal displays and larger screen sizes Apple’s looking to go with this Fall, and the iWatch may be expensive among them. This means that, if you’re already fed up with paying more for expensive tech, Apple’s new iWatch may head in the wrong direction instead of the right one. From all the biometric sensors and luxury design, you’re looking at a $300 price tag for an iWatch.

We don’t know much about the iWatch specs at the moment, but we do know that Apple looks to offer the iWatch in men’s and women’s sizes, with a 1.6-inch screen for men and a 1.4-inch display for the women’s iWatch. Sources say that an OLED screen will be used, but we’ve only seen Apple hire a former LG TV expert onboard to give us this kind of insight (nothing more).

Alongside of the iWatch, Apple will sell the iPhone 6. As we’ve said before, the iPhone 6 will come in two size models, a 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch model with the iPhone 5s’s fingerprint scanner and metal body, running iOS 8. iOS 8 brings Health and HealthKit integration, and an iWatch would be the glue to hold all these things together. The iPhone will release at the end of September but be announced around mid-September. It’s likely the iWatch will be announced and sell at around the same time.