A number of images for an unreleased Nokia phone were leaked online that reveal a multitude of interesting details. The images were leaked by WPDang and all signs point to this smartphone being a flagship Windows Phone device and given the quality of the images and the facts aligned with the photos, the evidence is quite compelling and points to this device being the Lumia 830.

It’s clear straight away that the device is premium. It features an aluminium frame, a polycarbonate back and a glass front, though the specific properties of the glass are unknown. It appears as though Nokia is taking ques from HTC who have received praise for the aluminium body used for their HTC One M8.

On the back of the device, a large camera module can be seen. It looks very similar to the camera found on the Nokia Lumia 1020. Unlike the Lumia 1020, the camera doesn’t appear to be as large, suggesting the camera will be downgraded for aesthetic and design reasons as a company would need to do for a flagship. This makes a great deal of sense given that the 1020 had a superb 41 megapixel camera that while great, bulked the device substantially.

Overall, the design of the device appears to be very uniform and crisp. Many manufacturers know how important it is to nail the design of a device in order to entice consumers. Aside from what can be seen on the outside, nothing else is really known. The internal specifications remain a mystery, though high end specs seem most likely as this device is probably designed to be a flagship.

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One thing that seems guaranteed is the OS. Without a doubt, this device will operate on Windows Phone 8.1. Given the form factor of the device, many are claiming this smartphone will be titled the Nokia Lumia 830. More details on this device are sure to come in the future.


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