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The new approach towards Microsoft Excel


Microsoft might soon come up with a new approach for using Excel and there could be a lot of cool stuff added to this tool that will make it even better. The credit for this goes to one of the projects at the Microsoft TechFest event that was held earlier this month.

Microsoft TechFest is an in-house event of Microsoft where Microsoft Research team members showcase their work and projects etc. This is the same event where we got to see the new ways in which Microsoft plans to use the Kinect Sensors from the Xbox into bigger and better applications.

At this same event, one of the projects that were released to the public was about automating a number of tasks inside the Excel spreadsheet. The matter of the fact is that Microsoft could really come up with something big here. The public release of this new Excel research project just seemed to be a part of the big picture, whereas the final outcome could be way better than what we have started to think of.

Thanks to MSFTKitchen who has posted a leaked video from the Microsoft TechFest, we can get a closer look at one of the previous private demos of an Excel research project which is being called Project Analyze by Microsoft.

Project Analyze is said to change the way in which we use Microsoft Excel. It tries to combine machine learning and natural language, allowing users to simply type in commands in the spreadsheet and perform different tasks and activities.

We would definitely want this new version of Excel to make it to the consumers so that we can get our hands on it and start making some important calculations. Using Excel and other Microsoft software will get much better and easier, we just need to wait for some time. If you are really interested in knowing more about what this new Excel can do, then do check out the video and let us know if you are excited about it.

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