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Google Nexus 6 scheduled for a October release


When will the Nexus 6 arrive?, To ask the above question assumes that the Nexus 6 exists.

While we don’t have pictures or details, we know that there’s a possibility the Nexus 6 will arrive within the next few months. At Google I/O 2014, Android Engineering Head Dave Burke said that Android Silver wouldn’t demolish the Nexus line because the Nexus line is 1) necessary on which to develop Android and 2) is characteristic of what Google believes should be an Android purist experience.

Therefore, we’ve hope that the Nexus 6 will arrive at the end of this year. What time can we expect it? The Nexus 5 was announced on Halloween Day of last year (October 31), so it’s likely that we can expect the Nexus 6 to arrive sometime around the last week of October or, for a somewhat late date, the first week of November. Sources say that the Nexus 6 could arrive later in November, but it seems unlikely that Google would wait this long to release the Nexus 6.

Details for the Nexus 6 are more scarce right now than Google’s Volantis tablet – which has been dubbed the HTC Nexus 9. What we know at this point is that LG is likely not the company being courted to manufacture the Nexus 6, since LG’s CEO said he wasn’t aware that the Nexus 6 was even being built by Google. At the same time, LG has been rather silent in years past, particularly last year when rumors first surfaced about a Nexus 5 prototype that had been shown to Google co-CEO Larry Page. LG has been rumored to be responsible for the first Android Silver device that’s scheduled for February 2015 – so perhaps LG will’ve something to do with the next Nexus.


We can likely surmise more about the Nexus 6 than we can the manufacturer who’ll partner with Google or the release date. The Nexus 6 (as it’s being called) may likely have the same screen resolution (to keep durable battery life), but Google will improve the camera (compliments of Android L). The Moto X had a 10.5MP ClearPixel camera, and it’s our hope that the Nexus 6 will feature a 12MP camera or higher. The Moto X+1, soon to be Motorola’s new Moto X replacement, looks to feature a 12MP camera. We hope the Nexus 6 goes in the same direction while retaining its optical image stabilization (OIS) and video image stabilization.

The Nexus 6 will likely feature a quad-core, Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 processor (to rival high-end smartphones such as the G3, GS5, and Xperia Z2). As for build quality, Google could trade its premium plastic feel with LG’s help for something that’s a bit more luxury – if HTC ends up making the smartphone as well. The size of the Nexus 5 is 4.95 inches across, so Google’s Nexus 6 display could be a little over 5 inches (perhaps 5.1 inches).

The Nexus 6 will, no doubt, be Android Wear compatible. You’ll be able to pair up your LG G Watch or your Samsung Gear Live smartwatch with your Nexus 6. Sources say that Google has named its health program “Google Fit,” and this is likely to be a new part of Android L when it emerges later this year.

What have you heard about the Nexus 6? Do you find the rumors credible or not? What would you like to see in Google’s next-generation Nexus? Let us know what you think in the comments

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