Microsoft decided to drop some software goodies on Surface tablet users yesterday, bringing bug fixes to correct existing problems on Surface tablets.

First, it should be clear that Microsoft released these bug fixes for not only the new Surface Pro 3, but also the prior Surface Pro 2 and first-generation Surface Pro, as well as the Surface RT and Surface 2 tablets.

If you’re a Surface RT user, you’ll notice that the Surface Home Button driver has been fixed to help with use while the device is awake as well as how it’ll transition when in sleep mode. The Surface 2 update is only for LTE devices running on AT&T’s network. The Surface 2 4G LTE firmware update looks to improve LTE connectivity with AT&T. It’s for LTE devices only, so Surface 2 Wi-Fi users won’t see a firmware update.

If you’re a first-generation Surface Pro user, you’ll see lots of enhancements to your Surface tablet. First, your accessories and cover will be improved by way of a Surface Power Cover Firmware and Surface Accessory Device update. Miracast, DisplayPort, and Surface Ethernet support will be even better with the Intel graphics and display audio updates. A Surface Pro System Aggregator Firmware update will improve battery life when the cover is present on your Surface tablet and the tablet isn’t in use.

Surface Pro 3 users will see improved trackpad reliability, improved battery life and power consumption, Wi-Fi connections, as well as on-screen keyboard operation to allow it to come on-screen and disappear at correct times. These updates will come alongside of others that’ll improve Surface Pro 3 tablet covers. You’ll want to look out for another Surface Pro 3 update that Microsoft has said will appear on July 16th. The new update will provide additional Wi-Fi firmware that’ll work to improve Wi-Fi connection drops (random) and other network connectivity issues.

To find out what firmware updates are currently available for your Surface, you can visit here.


  1. Looks to me like a robin hood,adventure,so they drop xp like a hot potato from it security coverage,and now seemingly drops all these new feature on to surface pro,that are LTE device’s and only on at&t network,how ,cozy a relationship this has turned out to be. at&t just can’t make up its mind about where it wants to be in the digital age,while skipping out on paying its fare share of title two common carrier regulated rate of return to customer.


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