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Canon EOS 7D Mark II spotted at FIFA World Cup, mid-September release date


Digital camera manufacturers often test out their devices to ready them for primetime when they’ll go on sale. It’s a common thing for manufacturers to continue to test their devices until primetime, so we’re not surprised to see this is the case with Canon’s next EOS 7D camera.

This time, however, Canon’s been testing out its soon-to-be-announced next-generation EOS 7D camera, dubbed the EOS 7D Mark II, at the FIFA World Cup in Brazil. A recent photo that surfaced across the Web shows that there’s a male photographer at the far right of the photo with a camera that’s covered mostly by a white sheet – the lens being the only visible part of the camera. The other cameras are uncovered, leading us to wonder why the camera to the far right is concealed.

The concealed photo confirms what we’ve also gathered about the EOS 7D Mark II, with many saying that the release date for the EOS 7D Mark II will occur sometime between September 5-8, 2014. Most have settled on the date of Friday, September 5th. The Cologne, Germany Photokina conference just ten days later, around mid-September, would be the ideal time for Canon to unveil its newest digital camera without dragging out the speculation even further.

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As far as what we know, the EOS 7D hasn’t been replaced in five years – so it’s time for a replacement. The first-generation Canon EOS 7D had an 18MP camera sensor, a 3-inch liquid crystal display (LCD), 19-point autofocus, 4 image processors, a 100-percent field intelligent viewfinder, dual diagonal cross-type sensors, and an advanced HD movie mode. As for the Canon EOS 7D Mark II, it’ll likely bump up the display size, the camera sensor, camera software, or all three.

Source: Canon Rumors, Northlight Images

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