New Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella is planning big changes for his company.

The new CEO detailed in a memo to Microsoft employees that Microsoft needs to change its aim from being a “devices and services company” to “a mobile-first and cloud-first” organization, Nadella said: “More recently, we have described ourselves as a ‘devices and services’ company. While the devices and services description was helpful in starting our transformation, we now need to hone in on our unique strategy.”

Nadella’s announcement for Microsoft Office for iPad has been a huge step in the direction of a company that’s looking beyond traditional PCs for a way to make a stunning statement to the world at large that Microsoft is no longer behind the times, but with them and before them.

Nadella also challenged Microsoft in its new business strategy to concern itself with providing software solutions that make businesses even more efficient and successful than they’ve ever been. Nadella says that there’re 3 billion or so users in the world who are “dual users,” to use his terminology – and that these 3 billion users need cloud-based solutions more than hardware solutions. In other words, hardware is important, but the cloud is the next source of Microsoft’s rise.

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Nadella’s memo is focused on businesses as well as consumers, and it’s clear he wants to give Microsoft a rebranded image for the cloud-centric mobile era in which we find ourselves. Unfortunately, part of Nadella’s changes with Microsoft involve layoffs, now that the company has acquired Nokia’s mobile division. While this is an inevitable part of change, it is an unfortunate part of growth in the business world. Sometimes, it’s true that you’ve gotta change in order to grow.

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Nadella’s vision sounds hopeful and exciting for Microsoft, and it’s good to see someone rise to the Microsoft throne that doesn’t seem content on simply improving Windows’ hardware. Nadella understands the mobile world – which makes him a stellar CEO already.


  1. Uhhh, yeah. And if you believe any of this B S, you’ll also believe Barack Obama when he talks about his ObamaCare disaster while claiming that “if you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor… period.”

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          • If only it was as simply as you pretend it is. Since March this year I have been trying to get insurance from every avenue suggested to me. If you can think of something, please, let me know. Cause I desperately need it.

            I’ve had insurance my entire life. Then at the beginning of this year my insurance dropped me.

    • Kind of funny really…
      What he should have added was “…unless it’s fake insurance, you know, the kind that comes from a door to door salesman, that costs you very little but when you try to claim on it they either deny or cancel it…those guys will be put out of business. Also any variation of that.”
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      Next on the agenda….nasty Obama doesn’t let the republiCONS delay employer mandate AND kill the ACA, and then gets sued when he delays just the employer mandate…
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    • And this article has what to do with Obama. Exactly nothing. Come on troll. Can’t seem to help your self can you.

  2. I just want my bleeping Microsoft Windows not some mobile piece of garbage pawned off on me as the ” new greatest thing” . Mobile OS are garbage comparitivly; if anything they should be making mobile devices more like pcs and not pcs more akin to mobile devices. Give me the freedom ease of use and flexibility I am used to tyvm!!! Apps are gimmicky and usually last on my phone for about a month before being forgotten or deleted, why are so any people so blind? Not to mention the huge flaws with the cloud, so much for personal privacy now if someone breaks into one of your systems they have access to all of your info. Bring back hard copies of software kill the cloud and listen to people when they say they want computers to be computers and phones/tablets to be phones/tablets.

    • Exactly. This statement by Nadella is basically him saying, ‘people are making money off of mobile stuff and we want to make that money’…with no plan about how to do that. Windows Phone stinks – I have the Lumia 1020. Amazing camera, mickey mouse OS. They promised us WP8.1 about a year ago – still no sign of it.
      Computers are powerful devices with interfaces that can be customized easily to allow the user to feel comfortable with using it. Forcing a stupid idea upon users is not what modern computing is about. Being belligerent (Windows 8 and start menu) about forcing your crummy mobile ideas upon the desktop has devastated MS. By saying that MS is all about mobile Nadella is pretty much saying that MS is on it’s way out.
      For years I ended my MS rants with ‘Fire Ballmer NOW!’ – it looks like it’s time to revive and revise that mantra.

      • MS isn’t anywhere near being devastated, and Win8 was the first step toward integrating desktop/mobile/cell O/S into one single O/S. Yeah, it was a HUGE change, and they could have handled it better, but currently only Google can sell competitive laptops (Chromebooks) and there’s no penetration of the Fortune 500. Microsoft/Intel (Wintel) are not as stupid as a lot of people would love to dream they are. They plan 5-10-15-20 years out, unlike the pea brains in this comments section.

        • “Win8 was the first step toward integrating desktop/mobile/cell O/S into one single O/S.”
          Assuming that ANYBODY wanted that in the first place besides the folks after your money…

        • That’s what people don’t seem to understand. I’ve seen memos from way back when that planned several full versions of Windows (and DOS) ahead. Windows 8, sh*te though it was, was the first step in a master plan. We’ve come to here, with Windows 8.1 on everything ranging from desktops to 8-inch tablets. It’s only logical that they’ll work toward a more complete integration; maybe that’s what Windows 9 will be. One OS to rule them all, one OS to find them, one OS to bring them all and in the darkness bind them.

          • You might be right,and that would be a very good plan,however,by it not being anything new,its just a replacement,of something that already,exist, The technology is still the same,so unless there is a new way to do it,which can only be done through device,manufacturing what other way could it be done,I can only see problems,because its not about window’s or the cloud,its about our privacy and security,I’m sure Mr. Gates did not have in mind breaching security and privacy for the sake of competition and innovation,there is only so many ways to do something,like anything else,and consuming more of the same thing,eventually produces waste.however,abandoning one,product for another,when no competition or innovation,is an issue,to me is bad biz,in more ways then one. So whats to say,they will not decide at a later date to decline to provide some other valued service,that is part of the overall function of the product it self,like what they decided to do with xp ,was like saying,old people don’t count,so therefore,they don’t need protection or let them protect themselves.

          • The best laid plans of MS and men oft go awry.
            Also, there’s a difference between plans and good plans. Children and other animals plan things too.

        • Michael – we shall see. If Win9 is more Win8 and less Win7 then you will find businesses looking for alternatives to MS. They have already decided to skip Win8 altogether. Once businesses are not locked into purchasing Windows machines the whole ball of wax could unwind for Redmond much faster than you’d think. MS has NO mobile presence – to come out and say that you are all about mobile now is a very bad sign.

          It is absolutely hilarious that you think MS plans 5-20 years…show me a single piece of evidence of them doing anything that suggests this. No, they react. Sluggishly. Sometimes they can recover from being so hopelessly slow – other times they get their asses chomped by everyone else.
          9 out of 10 pea brained fools know that. I guess you got me with your silly trolling – nobody is dumb enough to believe this crap you typed, right?

        • If they wanted to be innovative they would try to bring a cell phone closer to what a computer can do, give you the freedom and options a computer does, and make the OS more akin to Windows 7. As it is tablets and cell phones are fun and all but if you want to actually get something done it is to the computer you go where you have a nice reliable piece of software built for actual work and not crammed with ads that is much easier to use and you know will actually work. You don’t shove change down your customers throat you offer it to them, and this is why everybody is switching to Apple. Yes I admit I use my phone a lot more than my computer. but if I had to live without one of them the cell phone would go. Computers are just a much more useful powerful machine. If it were up to me my phone would run Windows 7 have touch folders and be customizable like a pc is. I believe people use mobile OS because they don’t really have the choice to use something else and if a more computeresque OS came out for a phone people would jump all over it. No more comparability issues, no more lack of customization, no more being forced to do it their way but instead being able to set up your device for how it is best to you.

    • Time to grow. Get used to progress and the advancement of technology. No one wants to be chained to “hard copies.” Accessibility is paramount.

      • Not if you need a powerhouse computer … mobile is no good for Video Editing, Photo Editing or Audio Recording/Design. Sure you can do a little with a Mobile device but its no good compared to a desktop machines power.

      • “No one wants to be chained to “hard copies.”

        Translation: We want to sell you suckers a subscription so you can’t keep your software for ten years without paying us.

      • progress is making a more limited gimmicky OS so it will be more akin to an inferior product? Progress is paying to access software but not owning it outright? Progress is less customization and less compatibility? Progress is not listening to your customer base and stopping the support of software that many people still use because you have not made a suitable replacement?

        You have a very interesting view of progress… It seems to me every one is getting hooked on a fad and not thinking about progress. Progress would be my phone being able to do everything my computer could. Progress would be making my phone customizable without having to download 50 gazillion apps and widgets. Progress would be having a phone that actually was able to play games that do not like like they are built for Atari and grab your attention for 2 months tops.

        I was excited when Windows was comming out with a phone, I thought finally someone would break through realize that people wanted phones to be able to do what their computers could.

        But no instead they said oh hey everyone is using android so let’s make Windows into android… News flash people use it because that is what is offered not because it is what they want…

  3. I give this guy a year.
    Everybody else has tablets and your phones are joke, buddy. DownwithmobileOS is right on.
    Hurry up and spin off Windows so we can stop reading these advertisements for cellphones.

    • The day I’m forced to be upgrade to Win 8, just like 95-XP and XP-7, will be the day I no longer use Windows, integrating PCs with mobile touch technology and seriously downgrading desktop power for portability is a step in the wrong direction, they should focus on mobiles since they are hot right now, but the best IPad or Tablet is on par with a netbook at best, iCloud for storage upgrades is genius, but no one wants to pay monthly subscription fees for GBs of storage, and good luck getting an overclockable chip into any of those devices with the severe lack of processing power they have compared to a mediocre-end gaming PC.

    • Totally wrong. Ref my prior post. Fortune 100 don’t want to support your Google. So you can buy your personal cell, but the company will give you a MS cell phone for work. lol…….

  4. He’s not smart enough to pull this off. Definitely not the CEO I would have chosen. Good job at failing again Board of Microsoft. An insider was NOT what you needed.

  5. I’m sure this guy has a technical background but he has no idea how to get this company going in the right direction. First move if I was CTO, create a Windows phone with a much better GPU and increased battery life. Then create a streaming service to play XBOX One games via your cell phone. From that point make an effort to support Moga controllers (a mobile controller) or logitech mobile controllers. Next, I’d give more incentive to develop on the Windows platform. Maybe decrease the amount the windows store receives to 15%. Trying to emulate what everyone else is doing will get you nowhere. There is no point of differentiation from Windows and the big two (iOS and Android) except lack of app support and a tedious UI.

  6. He should start off by fixing Windows and Internet Explorer 11, which has a known bug that has broken FTP downloads. Programs that have always relied on FTP to download information are now useless if you have IE11 on your computer. It corrupts the information. This is well documented if you google it, but Redmond won’t even respond. I guess they are too busy with the heads in the cloud.

  7. in ’76, i was writing a thesis on the future of computing in information technology. my advisor, the head of the department, disagreed with me. he said the model was everybody would have a dumb terminal and be tapped into a central computer, where the software would reside. my thesis was stand alone computers with software suites. he wouldn’t budge. neither would i. what i’m seeing is the move toward a virtual central computer. it was wrong in ’76, and it’s wrong, now. information has always been power. outsourcing jobs to china wasn’t about jobs to the chinese. it was about getting handed the technology they’d been trying to steal. and, all these free services for computer owners isn’t about the ads and creating social media. it’s about your personal information to be mined and sold. the nsa is mining it. facebook is mining it. amazon is mining it. google is mining it. and on and on. privacy statements and policies are bait. clouds and mobiles are simply gilded cages. microsoft is looking for the easy score. what can they get their hands on to control the market? everything you have. as much as you think you’re in control, you’re just a dumb terminal tapped into a central computer. i told my advisor people wouldn’t be so willing to give up their personal freedom. he said yes they will.

    • You try maintaining thousands of copies of the same software and you’ll realize that’s not efficient. Worked in a lot of situations where people “forgot” to upgrade and issues occurred.

      • YES! and “thousands”? …rather MILLIONS of copies. PCs and windows had their flourish in the sun due to the nice User Interface that green-screens were not up to yet along with the monopoly that ensued. Now with the high-speed internet+web, back to the simplified, efficient centralized storage and processing.

      • you have my sympathy. the problem is that not everybody wants the same software. i’ve worked stand alone mainframes in closed environments. so, mainframes have their place. but, i’ve still got a lot of old software that does what i need. no updates required. as ubiquitous as computers have become, security hasn’t improved much. the only secure computer is one not hooked to the net. pc’s got popular because they freed people from mainframes. good luck with the mobiles and the clouds. i’m sure they’ll sell billions. here’s the other thing. systemantics first law- large systems operate in the failure mode at all times. computers are tools. i use one to read the news. the others are off-line with old software, and doing just fine. it’s the product, not the process. i don’t envy you having to maintain mainframes, either. been there, done that. one glitch and everybody wants your head.

  8. Has Microsoft ever done anything that wasn’t ripped off from some other company? Their ripoffs are invariably cheesy imitations and they and the suckers who by them are certain to be abandoned by Microsoft as it chases after its next ripoff.

  9. You wish. I can get an ipad air from any cell phone carrier w/4G LTE. Dont c anyone doing that w/Surface Pro 2 OR 3. Win 8 is tacky, thas being kind.

    Actually Nokia may b a glimmer of hope, good hardware at least. Is anyone build a Windows phone besides Nokia?

    Nadella has a lot to improve, not much time. Start with vision, predicting whats next, with success. If u can even do that, Ballmer had no idea.

    Let me know if u want some help. 🙂

    • Nokia sold MS their phone business, soon to be renamed.
      My 900 was the worst, never own another.
      As far as I know, any talk about more new W8 phones form any manufacturer has been just that, talk…

      • I had a Win phone, HTC, Win 7 & 8. The only trouble I had was limited apps. Some are say Windows is more secure than Android. Bing maps worx good.

        I have no idea why u say its bad, just “it was the worst”. Ok whatever.

  10. Cloud computing is just off loading your private digital belongings onto Corporate servers. Legally they would have the Right to go through your stuff without your consent. I’m unplugging, the hell with computers. Computing today is just information gathering devices of the end-user. Hitler would be proud.

  11. I didnt think anyone could be more of an ass than Ballmer, but after this statement I stand corrected. wholly frak what a dumbass…mobile and cloud…. you Azure cloud service is a fraking mess, confused, the apps don’t work. I am a blackberry owner, and I dont know ANYONE who has a windows phone, ANYwhEre.

    You have an installed base of Desktop Business PC’s in the Millions, with millions more consumer desktops. Half the world uses MS Office ( a bloated pig if you ask me) but its there, you have SQL Server enterprise installations all over the place which have nothing to do with cloud or mobile shit.

    You have an installed base of console users with xbox 360 and xbox one… neither of these is mobile.

    You have an EPIC EPIC GODDAM EPIC Failure in windows 8 both static and Mobile, it sucks on both platforms.

    You have an elephants ass wide security issue with IE, that needs to be fixed.

    Where the frak does this asshole see mobile and cloud services being their first priority?

    Man what a dumbass.

    • So they would be saying,instead of devices and services,they now want to become storage facility’s of mobile users information,because is that not what cloud service is being used for, storage of information,you would think there mega co-op,should be mandated by Congress to provide user’ of these products and services,security,and privacy,before they are allowed to put there product in and on the market to customer’s,this would bring to their attention,that it is the customer,that makes the biz,happen,I think Mr. Gates understood that,his product was almost flawless,and it worked so well that most are very satisfied with it. however it has fallen to exploitation and lack of concern for privacy and security for all it users.

    • If MS integrates Win 8 w/their cloud service (do you even know what its called?) SKY drive, which they have already done, it will give MS an advantage opposed to 3rd party clouds, I.e., BOX.

      Which I now have. At any rate Win 8 is improve w/8.1. Use an SSD and boots faster than Linux or OSX. (In my humble opinion).

    • Look They just announced 18k Job cuts at microsoft!!! The Xbox Development team is on the block…..this New CEO is out of his ever loving mind. If Has any shred of brain left he should release the windows OS code to the wild and let open source strip it down, fix it, and make it available as a clone to keep the software development base in tact.

      Micro-Cloud can go about its death throws from there. Surprised Uncle Bill hasn’t stepped in.

  12. I’m happy Microsoft is dying. Very fitting since they killed off XP.
    The greatest product Microsoft ever offered. IMHO…

    • Beginning in the 1990s, ms has ALWAYS been a follower. The only thing i can recall MS leading, even founded on, was announcing and selling vaporware and selling expensive unfinished superficially re-surfaced products and letting the customer do the testing and report all the bugs.

      • oh one more thing ms established and led…an O/S that is, by design, WIDE OPEN to changes by the customer and any program/application/virus. In essence they created a system that would regularly get fatally corrupted and infected and slowed and would require re-purchases to re-build and 3rd party(virusware/malware) to operate.

  13. I have been using Microsoft products for years and have not had any serious problems until a couple of years ago when they abandoned Microsoft Dynamics Point of Sale for Microsoft Dynamics Retail Management System. They took a wonderfully simple but powerful Point of Sale product and ditched it for a complicated, convoluted, and not user friendly replacement. And then they created the Microsoft Partner system to handle business software as the intermediary between Microsoft and the customer. I’ve never had to deal with so many under trained personnel or people who could not talk at the user level about the software and how to use it. And to top it all off there is not one scintilla of training material available.

  14. Screw Microsoft. Screw the Cloud, and screw the suckers who believe these latest and “greatest” devices benefit us in any positive way.

    • Add, “easy, reliable” and I agree! I just can’t see an office where everything is mobile. If that’s the case, why have a workplace?

  15. Microsoft who? Don’t see a single Microsoft logo, icon or app on my Android phone or my Mac. A decade ago you could not compute without their software or encountering their logos everywhere. Same with Intel. In the mobile and cloud world they are so far behind that they are a footnote. What they did to the mini-computer industry towards the turn of the century is what Apple, Google, Amazon and Facebook are doing to them now. They are done and this CEO is no visionary. He is a caretaker who will preside over a rapidly declining empire and keep mouthing off cliches for Wall Street so that they do no punish the stock as much so he can cash out his options as soon as he gets them. I would like this bozo to publish what his stock holdings are and whether he is selling or holding on to his shares!

  16. Actually, Nadella is only stating the obvious. It was obvious at least 3 years ago (for us, and to them probably 10 years ago), that the hardware was going mobile and the cloud would be the interconnect. To be a little more precise, the Internet was originally designed by DARPA to be a communication system for the military, then for academia, but it wound up being what will eventually be the single communication medium for all communication except for person-to-person (think meeting). Nadella is oversimplifying. Microsoft isn’t going to suddenly stop producing software development tools, for example. But, like when Bill G. said “everything we do from now on will be Internet capable” about 1997 (yes, that’s last century kiddies…..) now everything they do will be mobile capable…why?……because there’s gonna be ONE O/S for everything from cell phone to server….that’s why…..

  17. Microsoft has gone down hill because they import all their workers from India now and the American’s in that field work for other more cutting edge companies

  18. The competition is no longer Apple. The competition is Google.

    Windows 8 is not crap, it just is not very well understood. What we had here, was a failure to communicate. Nadella is only stating the obvious: the OS is no longer the center of the universe. This shift in strategy is on par with Copernicus or Galileo. Brilliant move!

  19. Microsoft needs to take a good hard look at what they are producing… They stop support of Windows XP even though there are many industry specific (not just computer) programs that only work on XP. They hoped to force everyone to use Windows 8. Well, Windows 8 sucks. Unless you are one of many people who ran out and bought a brand new touch screen pc, using Windows 8 doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. Face it, Microsoft is never going to be Apple, no matter how hard you try. Get the products you have out to function properly then maybe you can see if the mobile and cloud arena is a place you want to play.

  20. It takes MS about 5 years to get a new OS working right (IF they do; ME always sucked, VISTA always sucked, Windows 8 sucks), by which time the discontinue support to force users into a new OS, which will also suck. Sounds like a viable business model to me.

  21. moving software dev to india would not be a surprise. put everything into mobile cloud, and redmond becomes a ghost town.

  22. vaporspeeches…thats what happens when your company’s 2 decade long opportunistic monopolistic abuses can no longer continue.
    In contrast, Google’s Chromebooks have been prescient and innovative and upward trending mainstream.


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