Snowpiercer is one of the newest movies in the cinema world that’s attracting movie buffs to the movie theater once more. The movie itself is an apocalyptic one about the end of the world, and the “Snowpiercer” train that crosses the globe to pull out survivors of a global experiment gone wrong. The Snowpiercer train becomes an “ark” of safety for the environmental survivors, but some communicated messages eventually force Snowpiercer attendees to revolt.

You may not like the plot, but on-demand movies watched at home in the comfort of one’s family and friends have become the more preferred option, which explains why companies such as Netflix are on the rise with TV shows and movies that can be seen at the click of a TV remote (or smartphone tap). Apple’s TV has shown some promise with the update to iOS 7, but Roku’s current rise in the TV market has Apple on the aggressive.

Apple updated iTunes this week to update to version 11.3 for its Mac, iPad, and iPhone devices. Apple TV also received its 6.2 update, providing movie extras such as short films, director’s commentary, image galleries, and others for your entertainment. Apple’s statement in the new Apple TV 6.2/iTunes 11.3 update about the new HD movie extras says that “new iTunes extras will be automatically added to your previously purchased HD movies as they become available – at no additional charge.” If you’ve tried downloading new movies recently (or even TV shows), you’ve likely seen the new movie extras on display.

Apple’s decision to add iTunes Extras to its iTunes movies and TV shows is a big deal, considering that these features have been absent for the last few years. Movie watching has become about more than just the film itself (although a cherished part), and movie extras continue to engage the user even after the film has ended.

As for Apple, its commitment to Apple TV is evident – considering the competition Apple’s facing in the TV market at the moment. In 2012, research showed that 24% broadband users were Apple TV customers, while 37% were Roku customers. This large gap increased even more last year, as 46% of broadband users were Roku customers, with Apple gaining only a 2% increase from broadband users (26%). Roku seems to have carved out its own win in the broadband TV market, seeing that Roku TV costs less than an Apple TV ($49 vs. $99), not to mention Roku’s 1,700 channels that’re available for viewing versus Apple’s pay-per-purchase model.

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As for Snowpiercer, it’s currently available in limited fashion in the US. Snowpiercer will hit video on demand this coming week.

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Have you downloaded iTunes 11.3 or Apple TV 6.2 yet? Have you noticed the additional extras with your HD movies? If so, which ones have you seen, and which ones do you like?